Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge Review

belly dancer at Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge

One part Aladdin’s Cave and one part Studio 54, Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge is an “idyllic and glamorous setting with traditional Arabic charm.” Of course, situated essentially just across the road from Harrods, perhaps guests shouldn’t expect anything less than glamourous. Beyond the upscale atmosphere, gorgeous cocktails, and belly dancer, an awesome array of traditional and contemporary Moroccan and Lebanese dishes are the main draws here.

The mood of this months old restaurant and lounge is luxuriant. Just try making it from the entrance to your table or to the restroom and back without stepping upon dozens of rose petals lined along the floor while taking in all the ornate features … gold fringe draped curtains … and grooving along to the deejay spinning soulful house and intoxicating Arabic beats. Yes, Mamounia is a fanciful nightspot with friendly and efficient service, shisha and killer cocktails. Consider if you will the especially refreshing Mamounia Special (fresh mint shaken with Stoli Vanilla, lime juice and sugar over crushed ice, £8).

Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge

But man shall not live on cocktails alone. From succulent grills to traditional Middle Eastern desserts, the Mamounia’s menu is designed to please. A freshly made tabouleh salad (finely chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, onions and crushed wheat with lemon and olive oil dressing, £5.50) is a great start to any meal and the mixed grill (skewers of chicken, lamb and kafta, £18) is a thoroughly enjoyable main course. Still have room for dessert? You’ll love the gorgeous and popular mahalabia (“Arabic pudding” garnished with pistachios, £6).

All that and a belly dancer too! Dining here may include being treated to a sudden and impromptu show by a talented dancer. Friday and Saturday nights are probably the best times to catch a performance. And if it’s your birthday, expect to be paid extra special attention with her undulations. Yes, Mamounia Lounge is just the sort of venue to consider when hoping to book a table to cater parties and celebration dinners such as birthday. Still, if it’s something quieter you’re after, the dining area has intimate areas to enjoy an intimate dinner for two.

Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge is located at 136 Brompton Road, SW3 1HY. Visit the lounge online at

Written by Chris Osburn