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The Brand New BMW i3

Introducing the brand new BMW i3


Adamant that their new model “defines the car of tomorrow”, the folks at BMW have considered and applied a variety of environmentally responsible aspects, channeling them as faithfully as possible into the car’s aesthetics and, most importantly, performance. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to the future.

Honda NSX prototype

Honda Returns to Luxury: Honda NSX


In 1991, Acura, Honda’s luxury division, shocked the automotive world with their answer to the Ferrari 328 – the Honda NSX. This model was discontinued in 2005, but rumours of a successor have been floating around ever since then.

Lotus Evora S - Sports Racer in red

Lotus Evora S review


It appears that Lotus have succumbed to the reality that building great road-going go-karts is not exactly the most profitable business strategy in the grand scheme of things, and is squaring up its Evora S with Porsche’s legendary 911, in a bid for a slice of the mainstream sports car market.

Subaru WRX STi 340R back end in red with black alloy wheels

First UK review of new Subaru WRX STi 340R


As the unmistakable sound of the highly tuned four-cylinder boxer engine roars to life with its addictive exhaust note that resonates with the prowess of over a decade of rally success, I find myself with a childish grin firmly planted across my face in recollection of exactly what the WRX STi is all about

Zeus Twelve 2 -11

The supercar meets high-end luxury in an exclusive collection by Zeus Twelve


Fully established as world leaders in the conceptualization of luxury vehicles for the ultra wealthy, Zeus Twelve is a division of Sweden’s Gray Design. With design requests coming in from all over the world, Zeus Twelve are proving good investments for collectors of the world’s finest vehicles, and their new supercar range may just be the most extravagantly luxurious car range to date.