A step back in time with Clinique CX R+ De-Aging cream

Back in 1985 when the first ‘Back to the Future’ movie hit the screen, besides the undeniably irresistible charms of young Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), it was Doc’s time travelling DeLorean that really captured my imagination …”what if I could turn back the hand of time?”

From Jean-Claude Van Damme, To The Worlds Most Expensive Haircut, With Celebrity Hairdresser Stuart Phillips

Acknowledged in the Guinness Book of Records for offering the worlds most expensive haircut, Stuart Philips’ £8,000 price tag was soon eclipsed by his £20,000 VIP service, which in turn became insignificant when he embellished Serena Williams’ hair with £1 million worth of diamonds. Today I went to Covent Garden to interview the man himself …and get some of the star treatment in the process.

An interview, colour and blow-dry with Joseph Koniak at his Hampstead hair salon

Situated within Hampstead’s Finchley Road O2 Shopping Mall, beside Virgin Active, Joseph Koniak’s salon is a hive of activity when I arrive, with a friendly buzz that permeates throughout. Whilst Joseph himself is busy when I arrive, the exuberant salon manager Ziba warmly greets me and instantly makes me feel right at home. I also cannot help but notice, that whilst chatting with her at the front desk, she manages to individually welcome everyone who enters the salon by their first name, which includes a several individuals, plus one mother and each of her four children.