Jaguar shakes off its old-boy image as it enters the dawn of a new age

HA Fox Jaguar XKR-S

Since its founding in 1922, Jaguar has always held bit of a stigma as being somewhat of an old gents car, more likely to be driven by your Granddad than appear as wallpaper on your son’s laptop. However, with the release of the new series of Jaguar, including the ferocious XKR-S and the combined ideals of luxury and sport which can be found in the new XF series, thankfully the old-boy image is now becoming a distant memory. In fact even their flagship executive model has such sleek and sporting lines that it is no longer just for parking outside Downing Street or ferrying visiting Dignitaries around.

It is to the knowledge of few that the company originally started not in fact as a motor company, as you may well presume, but as a motor sidecar company under the guise of the Swallow Sidecar Company. Established by business partners William Lyons (who would later receive a knighthood for his contribution to the British motor industry) and William Walmsley, the company famously started out with little funds and an entire staff of ‘three men and a boy’. Although the company did produce cars in their native Blackpool at the rate of twelve a week, it took a move to the city of Coventry to get the business running to its full potential.

black SS Jaguar 2.5ltr saloon 1946 in white warehouse

Indeed, it was not until after the war (wherein the company produced a range of military vehicles and sidecars) that the company began to truly branch out into both the sporting and luxurious world of cars. In fact, it took until 1950, when the company unveiled the Mark VII Saloon, for the world to realise the full potential of the brand, providing it with a fine reputation that would last decades. Of course since 1955 Jaguar has provided the world with an array of fascinating vehicles (not to mention the Jaguar E Type), something from which it has never averted.

blue E-Type Convertible 1968 in white-walled warehouse


With the introduction of the latest series of Jaguar, it is obvious to all that the reputation of one of the finest car manufacturers in the United Kingdom has not subsided in any way. The unveiling of the new XK Jaguar in 2006, designed by none other than Ian Callum (designer of the Aston Martin Vanquish amongst others) is enough to testify to this. The latest version of the XK, the XKR-S, is the most powerful and fastest series production sports car Jaguar has ever built, with a top speed of 182mph and the capability of reaching 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds. Nothing has gone amiss with the design of one of the most luxurious cars on the road. Environmental attributes aren’t exactly worthy of a green sticker, but when it comes to the sheer thrill of driving then this is definitely one for the true motoring enthusiasts.

For those who prefer to be driven, then the new XJ is certainly the executive car of choice, exceeding all class expectations and having already won a variety of awards including the Luxury model category at What Car? and the Green Award for luxury category. With beautiful design still reminiscent of the designs of old, new interior colour combinations as desired by customers and technology seamlessly integrated throughout the car and managed via an innovative dual-view central Touch-screen, the XJ is exemplary of Jaguar perfection and finesse and none more than the picture XJ Ultimate which is the flagship of their executive range.

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