Pamper perfection at SKC

I felt it was time I had some serious deep pampering as the seasons change and my face gets a little redder, so I headed to The South Kensington Club for a facial.

SKC is housed in a marvelous building which is ornate even from the outside, with large lion faced pots and plenty of spindly palm plants. They’ve paid special attention to the scents in the air with heady perfumed candles at every turn.

SKC spa have a menu of options for facials but they also provide prescriptive versions based on your skin.

My facial began with an initial consultation on what my concerns were, we talked through pores, grease and blemishes and all those lovely things, before settling down on a heated bed and being cocooned in soft towels. Relaxing was important to the 90 minute facial and so we began with some guided breathing exercises and light touch massage to the shoulders, arms and face.

My face was twice cleansed using cleanser and warm towels to remove the layers of London smog, then a natural and light face peel was painted on with a soft brush and finally a thick cool mask.

While the mask dried I was treated to a boosting massage of the arms, head and shoulders, which helped circulation and lymphatic drainage.  All the while soft music played and natural herbs filled the room.

I was given time to come around from my slumber with some water with fresh lemon, before being guided back to the front door and waved off in my sleepy, relaxed haze into my waiting taxi. Bliss.
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