3 Summer Eye Health Tips


Summer is most people’s favourite time of year and understandably so because there are few more simple pleasures than basking in some glorious sunshine on a hot summer’s day but it is a good idea to think about your eyes during this time because they are susceptible to being damaged by the sun’s rays if you’re not careful.

It is, however, fairly straightforward to keep your eyes properly protected during summer, it’s merely a question of adopting some sensible precautions that will lessen the impact of the sunshine. Below are three of the main actions you should undertake during summer to make sure your eyes are well protected from the sun:

1: Wear 100% UV Protection Sunglasses


Needless to say, sunglasses will be pivotal in protecting your eyes during the summer but to ensure maximum protection from the sun’s rays, you should ideally be opting for a 100% UV protection pair because this is important in maximising their protection. You should also consider a wraparound pair of sunglasses as this prevents sunlight getting in from the side and potentially damaging your eyes.

2: Use Sunscreen


Falling asleep in the sun is a formality when you’re on summer holidays but its a cautionary tale because there are few things more painful than sunburnt eyelids so make sure you apply sunscreen to the areas around your eyes to protect them in the event that you do fall asleep in the sun for an extended period of time. Your eye-lids are an extremely sensitive area and the skin around your eyes definitely requires sun screen during those hot, sunny days this summer.

3: Understand the Weather Conditions


There are many common misunderstandings regarding sunshine that can have a bearing on damaging your eyes during summer. For example, many don’t realise that clouds don’t block the sun’s UV rays and they can pass through hazy clouds and damage your eyes without your even realising. It is also important to know that the sun is at its strongest around midday and into the early afternoon and is stronger at higher altitudes so if you’re skiing, it’s especially important to protect your eyes.

These are just some of the tips that will help keep your eyes healthy this summer. If, however, you’re experiencing problems with your eyes, such as dryness, it may be worth considering a treatment called LipiFlow which is available at London opticians Barnard Levit because this is a highly effective treatment of dry eye conditions that can make summer a misery for many.

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