The Agora Garden: Taipei’s Eco-Friendly Luxury Skyscraper

Agora Garden Taipei

The concept of a green skyscraper is nothing new but architect Vincent Callebaut’s new Agora Garden project in Taipei looks set to combine eco-friendly features and technology with cutting-edge architecture and luxury housing.

The design of  the distinctive residential tower has been inspired by the double helix of a DNA molecule and will consist of 20 floors of luxury apartments which twist around at a 90° angle, maximizing floor space and offering fantastic views across the cityscape.  In between each level are a series of suspended hanging gardens creating the unique layered effect of a vertical garden.

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Although the Agora Garden will not be completed until 2016 it is already gaining international interest thanks to its promise to be entirely green while still offering prestigious real estate. The building has been conceived with a series of ecological objectives in mind to create a fully self-sufficient environment. The tower will be constructed and decorated using only recycled or recyclable materials and will run completely on photovoltaic energy. In addition rainwater harvesting will be used to irrigate the green spaces and a compost system will transform waste into fertilizer. Each apartment will be surrounded by gardens and forest areas while the building will also feature orchards, vegetable patches, aromatic plants and medicinal herbs.

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Photo credit:  © Vincent Callebaut