London Goes Green: Organic Skyscraper Created from Waste


The first in its league, an innovative project that will be contrived from recycled waste. The one of a kind eco-friendly Organic Skyscraper will develop over time by incorporating the waste collected by its occupants. The conceptual idea brought to life by French architect Thomas Corbasson will appear in central London. The Corbasson studio, in collaboration with the engineering and design studio VS-A, foresees that the skyscraper will be constructed by the use of bamboo scaffolding, availing of the typical building techniques in Asia. The work will take place and progress bit by bit, by means of the recycled waste gathered from the tenants.



The skyscraper will skillfully evolve as the recycled waste is produced, and will reveal visible panels made from recycled paper and plastic, along with manufactured  tubing. The project will take advantage of natural energy resources such as wind power by means of multiple wind turbines, which subsequently transform wind into electrical power.


Following the green example, the Organic London Skyscraper’s location will be well connected with public transport, most probably by an underground station. Furthermore, the recycling of waste and later transformation into functional parts will take place locally, thus avoiding impractical transfers.


In order to have an idea of the potential rubbish and waste necessary, one isolating panel is the equivalent of eighty plastic bottles, with 75kg of recycled paper to make up two thermal insulated panels. In addition to the housing units, communal areas, all of which eco-friendly, will include conference rooms, a gym and restaurants.



Unsurprisingly, the striking project has received a special mention in the international skyscraper and SuperSkyScraper Competition, which awards skyscrapers by their originality. It shall be interesting to watch this London property transform and take shape, all while being kind to our environment.