A guide to travelling in style

A Guide To Travelling In Style

Travelling provides quite the predicament for the fashion conscious among us, especially when it comes to travelling to far flung locations on long haul flights. If you’re someone who always prides themselves on looking stylish, then we’ve got a few handy tips for you that will ensure you’re one of the chicest travellers to grace the world’s airports.

Keep it simple

When it comes to travelling in style, simplicity is the watchword. There’s a temptation to wear your favourite clothing items and your usual array of accessories so that you look great from the moment that you leave the plane. The reality, however, is that this approach to travelling is simply not practical.

With airport security to negotiate and a long flight ahead, simplicity can still be stunning. Consider wearing simple, dark colours and ensure that you keep your accessories to a minimum. You will be required to remove bracelets, necklaces and rings by airport security, so creating a simple look, with minimal accessories, can be impressive and also a real time saver.

Wear layers

As a style aficionado, you will undoubtedly already understand the importance of layers. Items such as scarves and jackets can really help set off any outfit, while also being very practical tools.

There is no question that at times during your flight you will begin to feel the cold, and the thin blankets that airlines traditionally provide their passengers with are usually inadequate. Taking a scarf and a warm jacket will help to keep the cold at bay, while ensuring you maintain that air of style.

A guide to travelling in style
Choose your footwear wisely

A long-haul flight and airport security combine to make choosing the right footwear a nightmare decision for the fashion conscious.

In keeping with the theme of simplicity, choose shoes that are effortlessly stylish, yet comfortable. While heavy detailing and straps may look great, they are far from practical. Any metal detailing on your footwear will cause delay at airport security, while anything too tight will prove uncomfortable as your feet swell in size slightly during a flight.

Prioritise functionality, but retain that chic look

When you’re travelling in style, functionality and practicality are imperative, but maintaining an aura of chic is equally as important. And when it comes to creating that aura of chic, your luggage speaks volumes about your sense of style.

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Your luggage is the facet of your travel accessories that allows you to seamlessly blend style and practicality. If you’re taking a short trip, consider dispensing with check-in luggage altogether and simply taking a stylish holdall. If, however, you can’t escape checking in some luggage, then there are a vast swath of Cath Kidston bags that could provide the solution to your style concerns. Whether small bags for your gadgets, a handbag for your in-flight necessities or a stylish backpack, make a statement with your hand luggage and retain your chic.


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