Amie Jane Brown – ‘Move On’


“It doesn’t matter how your day has been, I guarantee that if you slap this on and crank it up, even the grumpiest chops would soon find themselves up-ended, grinning childishly whilst bouncing round the room like a funkified-Tigger!”

This really is such a cracking track and definitely one for the summer playlist. Vocally sounds like a fresh fruit-punch, simply gorgeous, pitch perfect harmonies and catchy, but like a true punch it slaps your senses silly as the lyrics just jump out at you in 3D.
Rhythmically this track consists of wild funky guitar stabs underpinned by true funk meets big break-beats. Track just bounces along with a seamless blend of funky samples, brass riffs and craftily stitched together by hard panned dancing twists of Pop synths. Really could ask for anything more.
Well time to let the music speak for itself…


Currently working on an all-new project album, writing & recording with various artists and producers

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Reviewed by Sam Bryan-Merrett



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