Vintage Fortunes: Take a gamble on fine wine at the AWC Christmas casino

Stephen Williams AWC

This December, discerning wine lovers can enjoy a night out like nothing they have experienced before: Vintage Fortunes at the AWC. Taking place on 12th December at the AWC Wine Academy in Marylebone this event is the first of its kind featuring a proprietary, casino gaming experience, where guests will compete to blind taste wines while betting on their speculations.

Hosted by AWC founder and CEO Stephen Williams, Vintage Fortunes is limited to just 30 guests who have the chance to taste some exceptional wines and compete against friends or colleagues. The state of the art AWC Academy will be transformed into a casino, complete with a croupier’s table specially designed for a game described as “a cross between Craps and Baccarat”. Guests will be able to indulge their competitive streak against team members and AWC fine wine experts, placing wagers based on their fine wine tasting abilities combined with their skills at convincing other players of their knowledge. More than a dozen fine wines will be blind tasted throughout the evening, and competitors will place their bets as to what they deem to be the vintage, grape variety, region and value of each. While the skilled wine buff may think he or she is at an advantage, the seasoned gambler with the best skills at bluffing, hedging and splitting their bets may be able to throw off the competition and go on to take the winnings.

AWC vintage fortunes wheelThe event was the brainchild of AWC founder Stephen Williams who wanted to host a Christmas party for discerning drinkers with a difference, offering the opportunity to learn more about fine wine and taste some fabulous vintages in a light-hearted way. The event is a great opportunity for a small company to enjoy an alternative Christmas party, or for wine lovers to get together for a memorable evening.

The event is limited to just 30 guests, with tickets selling out quickly. The entry price of £50 secures a starting pot of chips, alongside the opportunity to taste some fabulous wines. The evening will conclude with a live auction where winnings can be exchanged for cases of fine wine and Champagne.

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