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Michele Puzzolante Solar Floating Resort Image

The Solar Floating Resort; with global warming comes genius architecture


Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante has designed a conceptual luxury floating hotel, the Solar Floating Resort (SFR). Convinced that solar energy is the solution to global warming and environment issues, Puzzolante decided to get involved in the green energy new era by inventing a unique building integrated photovoltaic concept totally self-sufficient energy generator, non-polluting and in unison with its natural surroundings. Entering new age of advanced construction techniques based on industrial design rather than traditional architecture this concept is certainly intriguing.

Subwing Hawaii Image

CDCLifestyle guide to the ultimate boys toys


With Father’s Day coming up, we thought it only appropriate to present you with some of the best in extravagant and luxury boy’s toys. These might not be items a father would receive from their child but perhaps rather something you might like to treat yourself to. From simulators to helicopters, CDC Lifestyle round up the best ways for businessmen to relish their spare time away from the office.

Convopiece Andrian Aldred Chronoswiss Pacific Chrono watch image

We go in search of timeless design and quality with Adrian Aldred, the founder of Convopiece


Watches are worn for more reasons than to simply remind us of what time of day it is. They are what you want them to be – a symbol of your personal style and your personality and a representation of the heritage of the brand they were born from. Now look down at your wrist – what do you know about the brand of watch you’re wearing? What similarities can you draw between your watch characteristics and your personality? What does your watch say about you?