CDCLifestyle guide to the ultimate boys toys

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With Father’s Day coming up, we thought it only appropriate to present you with some of the best in extravagant and luxury ultimate boys toys. These might not be items a father would receive from their child but perhaps rather something you might like to treat yourself to. From simulators to helicopters, CDC Lifestyle round up the best ways for businessmen to relish their spare time away from the office.

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Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0
For those Peter Pan’s of you out there who feel younger than their years, how does a phone operated helicopter sound? The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is a huge remote-control four-blade high-tech quadricopter that can be controlled by Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet.
And if that’s not enough it even holds two high-definition cameras mounted on its shell, and beams live footage back to the controller so you can get a cockpit-eye view. Whether on a day trip out on the beach, or some spying on the beach, the AR.Drone 2.0 offers an experience like no other.
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 will land in the UK in June 2012 for £300

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LeapMotion Leap Device  
The world of Iron Man and Tony Stark’s technology is upon us. Motion-control software and hardware company LeapMotion are changing the future of human to computer interaction with the world’s most accurate 3D motion control device. The Leap creates a three-dimensional interaction space of 4 cubic feet to control a computer more precisely and quickly than a mouse or touchscreen, and as reliably as a keyboard.
The Leap plugs directly into a USB port and calibrates in one step, allowing users to quickly begin controlling their computers with natural hand and finger movements. Users can then personally fine-tune the Leap’s sensitivity settings to create their own custom gestures.

Subwing Hawaii Image

New innovative water product by Norwegian company SUBWING, will be sure to satisfy any thrill seeking man’s summer holiday. The two connecting wings rotate independently moving like wing rudders on an airplane. You are towed by a boat whilst simply tilting the wings in different angles to control your direction, allowing you to glide underwater much like a stingray. The speed varies between two to four knots meaning a powerboat or even a jet ski boat can be used to deliver the same sublime performance. Looking like the perfect combination between snorkeling and wakeboarding, this water sport could be the next big thing.

Jetlev-Flyer Image

Jet Lev-Flyer
Stop dreaming and start flying! The Jet Lev-Flyer boasts three unique feelings like no other product; weightlessness, suspended height and three-dimensional freedom of movement – this is water sports to the extreme!
Jetlev videos have gone viral on the Internet, and the Jetlev story has been widely featured by the likes of Sports Illustrated, Fox News and Discovery Channel. The unique design, the powerful 4-stroke engine and the water nozzle reaction force help to make flight controls incredibly simple, stable, controlled, light and intuitive. The Jetlev-Flyer can reach an altitude of 10 meters, a speed of 35 km/h and has a cruising duration of 1,5 – 2 hours. For all its capabilities the Jetlev-Flyer is amazingly easy to learn how to operate and fly.

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NaimUniti 2
Naim Audio, the UK’s largest and most successful specialist audio manufacturer has launched NaimUniti2 an all-in-one system. This new up to the minute multi media sound system will easily satisfy all of the needs of a tech-savvy music lover.
There is not much that the NaimUniti2 can’t do, boasting a high-end remote to control its many sources including FM, DAB & Internet Radio, MP3 / iPod connectivity via streamed audio or USB. Additionally it has an improved amplifier compatible with even larger speakers and rooms, ensuring it can deliver the necessary goods even at party levels. The product doesn’t sacrifice on style either with its impeccable design that warrants prime position in even the most stylish of homes.
The NaimUniti 2 will be available from June retailing at £2795 For more information visit

F1 Simulator Rear Red ImageTL1 Racing Simulator
The TL1 Racing, Flight and First-Person-Shooter Simulator houses the world’s first 180 degree, spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, allowing speed lovers to get some kicks from home.
Compatible with PC and games consoles, including PS3 and Xbox 360 and running the best simulation software titles, the TL1 appeals to a broad range of users, ranging from professional racing drivers to gaming enthusiasts and those seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available.
Prices start from £11,500 For more information please visit

Image Meridian Manchester 810 Video SystemMeridian 810 Video System
If you like to unwind by settling down to a good film, how about revolutionalisng your film viewing experience with the Meridian 810 Reference Video System. The leading UK-based luxury home entertainment manufacturer Meridian Audio have truly taken the next step towards perfecting the home viewing experience with this product.
The 810 system comprises two primary elements: the digital projector offering a previously impossible 10 megapixels – exceeding the resolution even of commercial digital cinema projectors –and the video scaler, designed to optimise the imaging of HD and standard resolution inputs for the vast new possibilities. The result is a system that represents the most realistic home theatre performance in the world.
£125,000- £140,000 (UK retail). Available from

AboutGolf SImulator Image

aboutGolf Simulator
For those golf fanatics, you’ll be happy to hear he world’s leading provider of golf simulators aboutGolf has partnered with London architects Squire and Partners to offer the ultimate home golfing experience.
With its innovative 3trak system, aboutGolf offers the most technologically advanced, fully immersive golf simulators, measuring every drive, pitch, chip and putt in unprecedented detail and accuracy. For the first time, the simulators are now available to be custom-built into private residences so golfers can now play 50 of the world’s top courses from their very own living room.
Prices starting from £20,000 For more information visit

Virgin Galactic GF01 Glide Flight- 1st test flight of SpaceShip2

Virgin Galactic
Not quite something you can own for yourself, but definitely worth a looking into experiencing a flight. Superbrand Virgin is offering the world’s first commercial space line. The plane is to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to space tourists, suborbital launches for space science missions and orbital launches of small satellites.

Written by Grace Williams