Discover your personal taste in cocktails with TASTE BY APPOINTMENT from GREY GOOSE®

Grey Goose Taste by Appointment The Gilbert Scott Bread Street Kitchen The Savoy Hakkassan Rhodes Twenty Four

Every person has a unique taste profile, with a different reaction to each of the five elements of taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. In the same way that coffee drinkers know whether they like their latte ‘extra hot’, ‘skinny’ or ‘triple shot’, GREY GOOSE aims to give cocktail drinkers the vocabulary and understanding they need to be able to discover a cocktail that is just right for them.

Running from May until July, ‘Taste by Appointment’ will introduce two tools designed to educate cocktail lovers about how to ensure the best possible drinking experience: Taste by Appointment consumer events and, a website dedicated to helping users find their perfect cocktail.

Grey Goose Taste by Appointment The Gilbert Scott Bread Street Kitchen The Savoy Hakkassan Rhodes Twenty Four

Taste By Appointment

Throughout 2012, GREY GOOSE UK Brand Ambassador Joe McCanta is hosting a series of fascinating consumer events at some of the finest locations across the country, the being at The Gilbert Scott in London on Sunday 6 May. Carefully tailored with a personal touch, Taste By Appointment will ensure that everyone from the cocktail connoisseur to the occasional drinker will discover something about their own personal taste and perfect cocktail choice to match.

At each event, guests will be welcomed with a GREY GOOSE Le Fizz reception and a selection of delicious canapés, before being guided through a series of exciting and surprising taste experiments. With Joe’s expert assistance, each guest will learn how to identify their own personal taste and create bespoke cocktails to match, before enjoying a personal taste consultation, during which they will have a cocktail constructed that is perfectly suited to them at that moment. Every guest will leave with a fuller understanding of how to order a cocktail that they can feel confident they will enjoy.

The site features a web application that guides users through four simple questions in order to discover their personal taste. A cocktail perfectly suited to them at that moment will be generated from more than 300 exquisitely balanced drinks designed by GREY GOOSE’s taste experts and the user can request that the recipe is emailed to them, printed, or shared with friends.

Also on hand are a series of films featuring top tastemakers, each of whom has a fascinating story to tell about their passion for exceptional taste and their relationship to one of the five different elements of taste: Sweet is showcased by Gerard Coleman, founder of Artisan du Chocolat; Sour by Jonathan Downey of The Rushmore Group; Bitter by Henrietta Lovell, founder of the Rare Tea Company; Salty by Simon Mullins, founder of Salt Yard, Dehesa & Opera Tavern and Umami by Richard Turner, head chef at The Hawksmoor.

Written by Grace Williams

Taste By Appointment is a unique opportunity to discover something new with the help of some inspiring Tastemakers. Exact event dates and locations are available by logging on to
Tickets are priced at £75.