The Luxurious DSW Chair by Eames



Charles Eames is a designer like no other and very few others have had an influence quite as far reaching as he and his superb collection of designer furniture – the most striking and famous of which is almost the stunningly attractive and impeccably functional DSW Chair pictured above. This extraordinary feat of engineering (the DSW was the first industrially manufactured plastic chair of its type when it was first released in 1949) will definitely tie any interior design endeavours together and it is little wonder that the superbly crafted DSW chair is a staple of interior design specialists all over the world.

You will likely have encountered the wonderfully eye-catching DSW chair before as it is frequently used in contemporary style homes of the rich and famous and makes many appearances in the best interior design magazines such is the considerable esteem in which this piece of designer furniture is held. The beauty of the DSW lies in its versatility as there isn’t really a room in the home that wouldn’t be able to accommodate one of these brilliantly designed pieces superbly well and whilst Eames originally designed the DSW to be used for dining, you’ll definitely be able to find room for some of these spectacular chairs away from the dining room or kitchen.


A real design classic, the Eames DSW will be a wise purchase for anyone looking to give their home the sort of understated appeal that is popular for today’s contemporary homes.

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