A night of Music, Mixology and Fine Dining at Trinity Presents The Last Word

Trinity Presents The Last Word

London is hardly short of great restaurants and I am sure we can all name-drop at least half a dozen firm favourites. The thing is, whether the crème de la crème of Michelin-star cuisine, or that quirky local with the charismatic owner whose name you still can’t pronounce; with the exception of a periodic refurbishment, or updated menu, they are always going to be that same old restaurant.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not necessarily a bad thing, the simple fact you have identified them as favourites, affirms they must be doing something right …and by-and-large I tend to follow the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ rule.

However, whilst I am clearly not going to deny the attraction of you preferred restaurants, I do believe the enjoyment derived from them is one of a contented nature, as opposed to the excitement or raw thrill of trying something new.

For this kind of pleasure you need something a little more exotic, racy, out-of-the-norm. For me, this is where pop-up events bring a new dynamic to dining, after all, no one get excited and tells all their friends about the 15th time they went to their local Indian restaurant. The most memorable experiences are those when you stepped out of the box and tried something new.

Trinity Presents The Last Word

The beauty of Pop-up Dining is it brings the adventure back into eating out; not knowing what you are going to be eating, who you will sharing a table with, or even what the place will look like.

Trinity Presents The Last Word.

Ticking all these boxes, Trinity Presents ‘The Last Word’, offers a series of events running throughout December. The evenings comprise Music, Mixology & Dining, where you can expect an array of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist, plus an optional (but unmissable) banquet, served up by the acclaimed Disappearing Dining Club, not to mention an impressive lineup of London’s finest live jazz bands and DJ’s.

With only seven available dates left (at time of writing), all I can suggest is that you quit playing it safe, inject a bit of spontaneity and excitement back into your dining and reserve your place now!

  • Saturday 30th November
  • Friday 6th December
  • Saturday 7th December
  • Wednesday 11th December
  • Thursday 12th December
  • Friday 13th December
  • Saturday 14th December
  • Thursday 19th December
  • Friday 20th December
  • Saturday 21st December

To book or for more information visit:

Website: www.trinitypresents.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/TrinityPresents
Twitter: twitter.com/TrinityPresents