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Though it isn’t quite an old adage just yet, “real men wear pink”, is certainly a mantra that it is becoming more acceptable for modern men to live by and this is, in no small part, due to the quality of the pink shirts and wares on offer from the likes of Budd Shirtmakers of Piccadilly Arcade, London.

Whilst it undoubtedly takes a certain breed of fellow to really pull off the pink shirts look, it will definitely allow you to stand out from the crowd if you opt for pink shirts and accessories this autumn. In terms of sartorial superiority, few items of clothing are more bold and daring than pink shirts and it is little wonder that the dapper elite are so frequently spotted in this type of attire. Budd Shirts boast a spectacular array of pink shirts to choose from and there can be little doubting the quality of their tailoring as they are one of the UK’s finest and most respected purveyors of men’s shirts and accessories. You can feast your eyes on a few of their finer pink offerings below:

pink shirts

The wearing of pink shirts is certainly a look perfected by the stylish elite but it is by no means one that is difficult to replicate – you just need to make sure that you opt for quality when you’re choosing which shirts to wear. The difference between a well tailored shirt from the likes of Budd in comparison with the sort of offering that you will find on the high street, really is like comparing chalk and cheese and it’s not until you’ve worn the superior offering that you will understand just how much more comfortable, luxurious and well-fitted it is. If you’re wanting to revamp your wardrobe this autumn and become an altogether more dapper chap, then you’re don’t need to look much further than adding a splash of pink to your outfit rotation.

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