Furniture Icons: DAW Chair by Eames

daw seat

Furniture is something that defines a home, makes it stand out and makes it yours. One’s choice of designer furniture is very indicative of their sense of style and interior design tastes and when it comes to decorating a modern, stylish and contemporary space, Charles Eames is your man and if you’re wondering why, you needn’t look any further than pieces like his utterly timeless, DAW Chair, pictured above.

Originally released back in 1948, the DAW Chair from Eames is definitely one of the most impressive and visually stylish pieces to emerge from the Eames stable of work and, despite the fact it is over half a century old, you wouldn’t find it in the least bit difficult to integrate it into any modern decorated home today – a fact which is doubtless testament to Eames’ considerable skill as a designer of furniture.

The DAW Chair was, in fact, the first industrially manufactured plastic chair of its kind and, along with his other iconic pieces like his lounge chair and ottoman, really set Eames apart in his highly competitive field.

daw chair 1
DAW Chair

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