What to talk about on a first date? …and how to avoid faux pas:

a couple clinking wine glasses on their first date at a restaurant

A first date represents potential relationship turning points in an individual’s life, so navigating around the abundance of potential faux pas on a first date can fill even the most confident of people with trepidation.

Many a well meaning friend would simply say ‘just be yourself!’, but most could do with a little refresher to ensure the first date is given the chance it deserves.  The dating experts at Bowes-Lyon Partnership have compiled these tips to avoid first date blunders and to help secure that coveted second meeting.


Discussion around religion can of course create incredibly stimulating conversation but it is a meaty subject and could quickly derail an otherwise light hearted first date.  Most people have a view about religion whether they are themselves religious or not, but often no two opinions on this subject are the same and getting bogged down with strong beliefs could quash the chance of a second date.  Leave this interesting topic until your third or fourth date when you are more in tune with each other’s personalities.


Following with the same school of thought as with religion, talking in-depth political opinions on a first date should be avoided if possible.  Keeping the atmosphere light and flirty is a great way of sensing whether there may be that oh-so-elusive spark there and politics doesn’t fall into either the light or flirty category!   A person’s political views are unlikely to be the undoing of a long term, committed relationship but they could very well spell the end of the potential of a second date so in the early stages of dating, it’s wise to avoid.

Past Relationships

Most people have experienced the highs and lows of a relationship but choosing a first date to discuss details of previous partnerships is often a turn off and can suggest an individual is not ready to move on to pastures new.  As with most first date topics, keep any mention of exes broad and brief and if you are lucky enough to secure a second date, which may lead to a longer term relationship, there will be plenty of time to share relevant information with your new partner.


Detailed discussions about finances should be avoided on a first date as this type of conversation can formulate a potentially false opinion that is hard to change about someone.  Most can tell when someone is trying too hard to impress their date and bragging about having a lot of money can come across as boastful and crass.  Mentioning not having enough can be an equal turn off as it could appear as if you are planning on avoiding splitting the bill at the end of the evening and so create an uncomfortable undercurrent at the prospect of an awkward end to the date.

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