Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014 / 2015

With Christmas just around the corner there is a definitive chill in the air. The frosty footpaths start to glisten and we all anticipate when it’s finally going to snow. There is nothing quite like ambling through Oxford Street at Christmas, looking at the twinkling lights above and hearing Christmas music echoing through the streets.

One of my favourite things about winter is undoubtedly the fashion – and so many layers of it. I love the long coats, knee-high boots, scarves and hats. With so much to choose from I have put together some of my winter fashion wardrobe must-haves this Christmas.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Ralph Lauren scarf
Ralph Lauren scarf


I will start with luxury scarves. A woman can never have too many scarves in my opinion, varying your scarf collection can make it look as though you’re wearing a different outfit. I’ll be adding a blanket scarf to my collection this year. While Burberry released the obvious hit of the season, I find myself more drawn to Ralph Lauren’s cashmere blanket scarf in classic plaid.  The hint of pink in the green design gives it the perfect splash of feminine colour.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Burberry gloves
Burberry gloves


Burberry’s winter gloves are definitely ranking on my Christmas wish-list this year. Their leather gloves with Burberry’s signature patterned trim are my favourite of the season. These luxury little accessories are the perfect way to warm your mitts as the temperatures drop in the city.

Pair Ralph Laurens cashmere scarf with Burberry’s luxury leather gloves to snuggle up and brave the wintry wind that howls throughout the streets for the coming months.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Barneys New York hat#
Barneys New York hat


Not everyone can pull off hats. I love them but I just don’t have it in me to wear bold statement hats such as the chic Fedora style. Luckily in the cold weather, these won’t keep your ears warm so you won’t be judged for not daring to wear them. The cable-knit beanie from Barney’s New York is my favourite hat this season. It exudes an effortlessly cosy-chic look whilst also keeping me warm.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Rosalina Bag Collection
Rosalina Nacken Bag Collection


When you are layering up on clothes and accessories, especially for those who commute, it’s expected that you start to feel like you’re carting a lot of baggage around with you. As women, we like to fill our handbags with everything we might need throughout the day – if we’re honest we don’t need half of it and if we’re being really honest, we probably can’t find it as it’s buried below all of the other stuff we have packed in there.

This Christmas I have decided to go for Rosalina Nacken’s Shelle Classica. This is a luxury leather handbag that comes complete with an iPad case inside, and it also transforms into a clutch.

This is a new luxury designer that is set to take the fashion industry by storm in 2015. The solution to combining practicality with style and also to take me from the office to the Christmas drinks afterwards.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Karen Millen coat
Karen Millen coat


The centrepiece of all of these accessories is of course the coat. The vibrant shades and loud prints that are ruling the fashion scene right now are fabulous, however, I personally prefer something a little more subtle and versatile. I’ve decided to go for the lighter side of the colour spectrum, in honour of all the glorious whites and creams on the S/S 15 runways. Karen Millen’s cream moleskin coat is simply stunning.

Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2014-2015_Aldo ZIAWIA boot
Aldo ZIAWIA boot


Leather boots are the final addition to my wish-list. Firstly, I always choose leather as it can withstand the wintry weather and also offers a nice layer of insulation from knee-to-toe. I like to match my leathers when I can, so Aldo’s Ziawia knee-high brown leather boots will work nicely with my Burberry gloves.

So there you are – my perfect winter ensemble. I know what I want for Christmas, do you?

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