Interior design firm Muralto team up with audio-visual specialists RSAV Solutions

Muralto Media Lounge private meeting zone

Exclusive interior design firm Muralto have teamed up audio-visual specialists RSAV Solutions to provide a superb home entertainment showroom in Marylebone, illustrating the potential for clients’ homes.

Muralto’s furniture provides the perfect setting for Meridian audio hardware; Meridian Soolos control hub and the revolutionary amBX intelligent lighting system, all installed by RSAV.

Controlled by Soolos, Meridian’s amplifier and speaker systems fill the space with a remarkable sound and their sleek modern design is certainly complimented by Muralto’s interior. Soolos allows for wireless audio streaming throughout one’s home from its 17 inch touchscreen hub (the Control 15), a feature which is easily demonstrated on Muralto’s two floors: both the downstairs home cinema set-up and the audio lounge upstairs are controlled by the Soolos system.

Muralto Media Lounge open plan living space

Muralto Media Lounge store front interior

Soolos also controls visual and networking features. Using it, one can summon a whole spectrum of media from the Meridian Media Core 200 as well as other sources: from presentations stored wirelessly on a laptop, to the Internet, to film and television libraries. It can even access a games console! All of which is displayed in brilliant high definition on a beautiful Loewe flat screen or on a retractable cinema screen via a Meridian projector.

One of the most impressive aspects of the home cinema demonstration is its concealed-fitting amBX lighting. amBX’s main function is to provide ambient lighting to enhance a viewing experience: it registers the average colour for what is being displayed on-screen, and displays said colour.
When installed in full, as it is at Muralto, it also offers directional lighting: for instance, were the left hand side of the screen displaying a fire, and the right hand side darkness, there would be a transition of orange to black within the room. It truly adds another visual dimension by enveloping one’s field of view in colour, especially with film.

In combining all of these features, RSAV and Muralto have created a stellar presentation space and entertainment showcase, which must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Muralto, 6 Seymour Place,
Portman Village,
London W1H 7NA.

Tel: 0207 724 3750
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Weekends by appointment.

Written by: Jérôme A M Kamm – 10/5/12