Shape-up by getting frisky with the awkwardly provocative Shake-weight

Cheska Hull and Binky Felstead using shake-weight on made in chelsea

Cheska Hull and Binky Felstead using shake-weight on made in chelseaAlex Curran wife of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard using ShakeweightMany of you may have seen it featured on hit Channel 4 reality show, Made in Chelsea a few weeks ago and the Shake-weight has been making waves ever since. From the moment Cheska Hull and Binky (Alexandra Felstead) donned their tiny crop tops whilst shaking their weights, rather provocatively in their living room, interest in the toning sensation has rocketed.

With over 6 million sales worldwide, the aim of the Shake-weight is to tone the upper body, core and arms through static upper body movement. Technique is key- your arms and upper body must remain static throughout with no wrist movement involved. By pulling your stomach in, the shake-weight also attacks the abs and other core muscles and promises to tone to perfection.

Alex Curran, wife of Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard hails it as the gadget which got her her pre-baby body back after the birth of daughter Lourdes. However, the Shake-weight’s advocacy stretches even further than the lengths of Chelsea to Liverpool and has been promoted by multiple other famous faces, including Holly Willoughby, Jonathon Ross and Dermot O’Leary, who have all given it a good shake live on television.

Mrs Steven Gerrard has claimed that a mere 6 minutes a day, every day of the week will get you the arms you have always desired and on that note, I’m off to give it a go!

Written by: Ciara Heslam – 17/5/12