Rémy Martin XO & Louis XIII cocktail at Claridges’

Claridge's Fleur de lis cocktail

“Cognac drinking has been reinvented at Claridges’ where a uniquely exclusive cocktail featuring both Rémy Martin XO and the truly exquisite Louis XIII is now available”

The Claridges bar in Mayfair has launched a new, exclusive cocktail: the “Fleur de Lis.”
First a suger cube is doused with Bitters then dissolved and mixed with the XO cognac. A twist of citrus rind follows, then the cocktail is served over ice in a tumbler glass before being lavished with a spray of century old Louis XIII cognac, to provide a truly memorable experience and one that simply has to be experienced to be believed.

It must however be pointed out that while the cognac connoisseurs amongst us may be crying out that it is sacrilege to dilute such high pedigree cognac with ice and orange rind, I must say from personal experience and against my initial reservations, that it really doesn’t so much ruin the experience, but rather provides a refreshing new one. While cognac is typically reserved as a distinguished night-cap or a reserved gentleman’s indulgence, this new slant opens cognac to new World of possibilities and potentially a new type of drinker.

claridges_fleur_de_lis_atomizerCrafted from the finest grapes in the grand champagne region of Cognac, where it is blended from more than 1,200 eaux-de-vie and aged for up to 100 years, Louis XIII, with a price tag of £250 per glass is one of the World’s most prestige cognacs in production today.

However, luckily for us, in their continued quest for perfection, the Claridges’ Bar have launched a cognac cocktail that utilises a specifically developed atomizer to delicately spray Louis XIII over the cocktail before being served. This gives the cocktail a mesmirisingly superior touch and an alluring aroma that almost beckons one to consider using it as a cologne
(or maybe that was just me).

The Fleur de Lis is currently available for £30.00 and will be served at the Claridges Bar until the end of the year.

Denis Broci, Claridges Bar Manager, uses a rare atomizer to spread Louis XIII cognac over the hotels new Fleur de Lis cocktail.

Either drop by the Claridge’s Bar to sample it yourself or for more details visit their website here: www.claridges.co.uk

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