Clive Christian – No.1 Imperial Majesty


clive christian no.1 imperial majesty perfumes5 Fabulous Facts on No.1 Imperial Majesty…

1. No.1 Perfume is The World’s Most Expensive Perfume – created by Clive to restore absolute luxury to the world of perfume. No.1 Imperial Majesty is the ultimate presentation of that perfume.

2. As perfume is ultimately invisible, Clive created a vessel that would epitomize his No.1 Perfume – each ounce is presented in the finest polished crystal bottle, bearing white diamond at the neck; both crystal and diamond being outstanding elements of nature.

3. In every piece of the No.1 Perfume collection – whether it is in the gold bottle of the 1000 piece No.1 Perfume Spray or the feathered and be-jewelled No.1 bespoke bottles created for Sir. Elton John – it is the No.1 Perfume itself that remains the most expensive, and therefore most precious, element of these presentations.

4. ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ was created by Clive to serve as a marker in history of the return to luxury perfume creation and a as tribute to The World’s Most Expensive Perfume – the 16 ounces of No.1 Perfume held within remain the most costly element of this presentation also.

5. Clive was presented with a unique award at the 2006 UK FiFi awards for his ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ to mark its place in the world of perfume – this had never been awarded before, nor has it since.

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