Gemballa cars get a touch of bling with a Genuine Diamond Coated Finish

Gemballa Diamond Coating Lackplatten Image

Diamonds may well be considered ‘a girl’s best friend’ but now that could all be about to change thanks to premier automotive tuner Gemballa

The company known for their over the top tuning of Porsches have really outdone themselves here. We can exclusively reveal their latest invention; the world’s first diamond coating for the interior and exterior finish of vehicles. And “when Gemballa speaks of diamonds, we really mean it”, Explains CEO Andreas Shwartz. “Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient – not real pigments, glass fragments or crystals”. This is more than a pimped-out ride, it is manufacturing of scientific genius.

Diamonds were deliberately chosen to create the ostentatious iridescent look, as they possess the strongest light reflecting qualities of all precious stones. They are also recognised as being the hardest, naturally occurring substances known to man. This quality proves challenging when coating, as the diamonds have to be applied like paint, which of course defines the dimensional limit of each individual gemstone. The diamonds have to be grinded to size without sacrificing quality.

However, this technically elaborate process has worked in their favour as diamonds reflect light according to how many facets are showing. The greater the number of facets showing in a given area, the greater the refractive surface will be, leaving Gemballa’s coating with a truly incomparable glisten.

Gemballa’s philosophy focuses on being the ultimate and the best, and their brand history truly reflects this. The new innovative diamond finish slots perfectly into their already impressive brand portfolio. So how about adding a bit of sparkle to your wheels?


Written by Grace Williams