B-SOHO and Bunga Bunga: authentic pizzerias for the discerning Londoner

Here at CDClifestyle, we have a fairly good idea of what our perfect pizza should consist of. A really great pizza has to be thin, and slightly charred in places from being baked quickly in a traditional, roaring pizza oven. And of course, the toppings have to be fresh, authentic and delectably molten. That is what we are looking for, and we have found two places that master this skilled art of perfect pizza making – Bunga Bunga and B-SOHO.

The May Fair Hotel launches London Fashion Week Designer Cocktail Collection

Us Brits would have to find a way of celebrating every fashionistas most anticipated event, London Fashion Week, in our own quirky way. True to form, the May Fair Hotel has taken it upon themselves this year to unveil a unique collection of cocktails, designed exclusively by London Fashion Week designers, for London Fashion Week. Cocktails and clothes, what more could the city’s most stylish want?

Rare Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac to be auctioned at Bonhams for the discerning palates of Cognac connoisseurs

Lovers of fine Cognac are in for a real treat this September, for an exceptional selection of rare and vintage Cognac is to be auctioned at Bonhams. One of the highlights, and the item we, here, at CDClifestyle are particularly excited about, is an exclusive bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac bottled in a special limited edition black crystal decanter, estimated to fetch a price of between £5,000 – £7,000.

We review Daniel Galvin: London’s top hair colourist and leading celebrity hair salon

If Martin Luther was right and the hair is, indeed, the richest ornament of women, then one can be sure that he would have recommended Daniel Galvin to his female friends, where all their pampering requests would be met. Unrivalled luxury and elegance combined with a rich hairdressing heritage and excellence has established Daniel Galvin as London’s premier hair salon, world-famous for it’s colouring, that provides the ideal destination for London’s elite and celebrities alike.

Summer continues with the quintessentially British Belgravia Games at The Terrace in Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel and a gin-inspired menu

With the fond memory of the Olympics still fresh in our minds, and the Paralympics still in full swing, London is soon to be reaching the end of its glorious summer of sport. If you’re not quite ready to leave your competitive streak behind you just yet, The Terrace at Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel will be hosting The Belgravia Games, which will take place from September 7th – 9th. The palatial outdoor terrace of this luxury, boutique hotel will be transformed with oversized games and an expertly crafted Sloane’s Gin infused menu served over the weekend.

Experience the Caribbean in the most beautiful and refined way, with a SeaDream Caribbean Cruise

Once reserved for Royalty and the jet set, the powder-fine beaches and turquoise bays of the Caribbean are now relished by discerning travellers from all over the world. Idyllic islands enchant visitors with their laid-back atmosphere, fabulous climate and serene natural beauty, and what better way to experience the Caribbean than through the intimacy of yachting harbours and ports, on board a luxury cruise. Designed with the affluent, sophisticated and well travelled in mind, SeaDream caters to clientele anxious for exclusivity.

The luxurious Caribbean is still the perfect destination for discerning travellers seeking privacy and seclusion in the most luxurious of settings

With such summer residents as Johnny Depp and Oprah Winfrey, the Caribbean is both a hotbed of celebrity glamour and a nirvana of idyllic beauty and relaxation. Indeed, the Caribbean is nothing less than an enchanting voyage of discovery, brimming with hidden luxuries. CDClifestyle have uncovered just a few hidden gems, to ensure you experience the Caribbean in the most magical way possible.

The supercar meets high-end luxury in an exclusive collection by Zeus Twelve

Fully established as world leaders in the conceptualization of luxury vehicles for the ultra wealthy, Zeus Twelve is a division of Sweden’s Gray Design. With design requests coming in from all over the world, Zeus Twelve are proving good investments for collectors of the world’s finest vehicles, and their new supercar range may just be the most extravagantly luxurious car range to date.

Parisian socialite Hélène Rochas’s art collection to be auctioned at Christie’s in Paris

Hélène Rochas is still considered the epitome of Parisian chic and elegance. The former CEO of fashion house, Rochas, Hélène took charge of the business after the death of her husband, turning it into a multi-million pound couture house and a world-renowned fragrance business. Living in her 7th arrondissement apartment for more than 60 years, the model turned businesswoman turned socialite amassed an extraordinary and exquisite collection of art and furnishings, which will up for sale at Christie’s Paris on September 27th.

Phonotikal Clear Wood turntable is the epitome of style meets quality with vibration actuation technology

Take a look at this Clear Wood turntable from family-run business, Phonotikal, based in Prague. Specialising in manufacturing high-end turntables for discerning audiophiles, just one of Phontikal’s latest offerings is the Clear Wood turntable; a luxurious specimen which can be actuated with up to three actuators and produced essentially from varying length of arm of addresses acrylic or stainless steel base.