A Historic Landmark Home in Manhattan

Imagine living in a home that is as much a part of history as old history books in the New York Public Library. Envision a home that has been a part of the establishment of America and witnessed the rise of New York. Visualize a grand home in the middle of 1800s Americana and being able to travel back in time and stand inside one. The townhouse at 125 East 10th Street in Manhattan is all of the above and more. This magnificent home is also a historic landmark, an iconic address that was built in 1860. Time stands still inside this beautifully crafted four bedroom property, with imprints of all its past residents grandiosely evident in its various delicate markings.



Most people look forward to visiting a Historic Landmark such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral or The Smithsonian building, and after having reached the beautifully designed marvels of architecture, they take photos to remember the man-made marvels. With the townhouse at 125 East 10th Street, you can actually live in one such landmark that is both historic and beautiful. The further astounding fact is that the same genius of an architect, the famed James Renwick, that designed St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the original Smithsonian in Washington, designed this townhouse too. Residents of this home have the liberty to not only be a part of history that witnessed the rise of the Big Apple, but to stay in a structure built by the same mind that conceptualized other symbols of the United States of America.

Entertainment Room

Entertainment RoomEntertainment Room

The home is five stories tall, four bedroom and three and a half bathroom townhouse which includes a modern finished basement level that is both a kitchen and a dining room that follows you to the magically and extraordinarily landscaped, 28-foot wide and 36 foot deep, multi-level garden. It also happens to be one of the largest rear gardens in urban Manhattan. The whole of East 10th street is glistening with James Renwick’s masterpieces, but it is the home at 125 that stands out for its architectural beauty. Original details and stylish embroidery dating from the 1800s remain in-tact throughout the townhouse. A Juliet balcony gracefully adorns the front. The home finds itself perfectly placed in the middle of the St. Mark’s Historic District, hence the ambient morning light and tranquility is forever preserved. Since, by law this entire location is protected and further construction is not allowed, you can be rest assured that the light from the windows at your home will always be the same regardless of the century it finds itself in.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Dining Hall and Kitchen

A grand property of such beauty and history usually inhabits residents of equally marvelous calibers. And that is true for this home too. It has been home to fashion designer and star Mary-Kate Olsen and famed French banker Olivier Sarkozy, for a couple of years who made it their love nest, and took it upon themselves to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms to its current modern standing. It has also been home to the British star David Tennant and hangout for the Ellen Page movie Tallulah’s cast. Most recently, Global Luxury Ambassador Pritan Ambroase and his family have called the magnificent historical landmark at 125 East 10th street, their home.






Global Luxury Ambassador Pritan Ambroase and his family at the Annual House of Ambroase Family Event
Global Luxury Ambassador Pritan Ambroase and his family at the Annual House of Ambroase Family Event

Beaming with pride and satisfaction, Ambassador Pritan Ambroase remarked, “This is one of the most beautiful properties in Manhattan, a historic landmark that somehow manages to double as a cosy family home. My family and I have loved our time here, and found it to be immensely homely. Each floor has a beauty and charm of its own. The grand staircases, beautifully ornamental are also a definite workout. To know that I have now lived in a home constructed by James Renwick, the famed architect who designed prosperous American landmark symbols, is one for the books. The magical garden lent itself very well to our group as we found ourselves utilizing it frequently. The location is just perfect with everything within walking distance, and streets lined with beautiful trees as well as architectural charm. Anyone who calls 125 East 10th Street their home in the future, will find themselves amongst the lucky few. I wish Kathy and Charles, a lot of luck and also my best wishes.”

LandingParlor65eae4bb_originalEntrance Hall

Entrance Hall

The owners of the townhouse are Kathy Cerick and Charles Fitzgerald, a couple who have done more for conservation than most. Charles, has moved on to Maine, where since arriving in 1967, has added vastly to his half acre land. After a 35 year old struggle to conserve land and water and turn them into preserve areas, a battle with the government, Charles’s dream come true now boasts of 700 acres that make up a land and water preserve of over 12,000 acres. According to Charles, the dream is still not done and may need others to continue it further.



Ambassador Ambroase added, “I was drawn to the townhouse not just by its architectural beauty but also by my admiration for its owners. Being a conservationist myself, I admire Charles Fitzgerald and Kathy Cerick’s perseverance and zeal to continue fighting for something they believed in, for something that most would not even spend a dollar of their own money. To think Charles, has spent millions of his own money and time, to conserve land in Maine and reverse forests back to being wild forests is something I look upto. It is a fact that humans abuse this planet and its people like Charles and Kathy that are saving this planet that make me believe there is good on this earth. I hope to someday be able to contribute to conservation and land preservation as much as Charles has. I have only respect for them and their beautiful home stands as a testament to their humanity. We need more people like him on this planet and I hope to work with him in the future.”



The location that the townhouse is placed in, is always lively and if one was to travel back in time to NYC in 1854, it would still seem virtually unrecognizable but once you arrive to the front of 125 East 10th Street, the Renwick Triangle, formed by the intersection of Stuyvesant Street and East 10th Street, and it would seem as if time stood still. The vibrant Union Square is within walking distance.

This townhouse is one to admire and also available to call your own home. It is currently available for long term rent or also for vacations via Airbnb by clicking on this link Book Now for $2932 per night.