We get a one-to-one with celebrity hairdresser of the year, Jamie Stevens at his new Kensington salon

Jamie Stevens Image

Hidden away on a remote side-road along the quaint, suburban Holland Road which links the oh-so-trendy Notting Hill with the even more fashionable Kensington, is the stylish salon belonging to celebrity hairdresser of the year and resident X-Factor coiffeur, Jamie Stevens. By his own design, in an attempt to separate himself from the typical high-street hairdressers, Jamie chose the more secluded and exclusive location in Russell Gardens for his contemporary looking salon and we were invited along to check out the master of celebrity hair in his new space.

Recently opened in April, Jamie’s salon boasts a spotless, monochrome and predictably stylish interior. As a young hairdresser, at the top of his game and with television channels falling over themselves to sign him as their in-house hair stylist, it was hardly going to be anything less than lavish. With plush leather chairs, two of which massage your back and legs whilst you are having your hair washed, Jamie has clearly paid attention to every detail, ensuring a visit to his salon is a uniquely luxurious experience.

‘Stylist to the stars’ is a phrase which is bandied about haphazardly in the celebrity-obsessed culture of today but when it comes to Jamie, the term is in its authentic use. As in-house hair stylist on the X-Factor last year and having just re-signed the contract to return to the show this year, as well as a string of appearances on This Morning and Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix and How to Look Good Naked shows, Jamie is well and truly up there in the celebrity hair stylist stakes. Not only this, but Jamie has been winning awards left, right and centre for his endeavours in the world of celebrity hairdressing. As current ‘Celebrity hairdresser of the year’ title holder, Jamie was also recently awarded ‘Men’s stylist of the year’ and the award for ‘Best Salon’ for his original Somerset salon.

With all these accolades to his name, Jamie remains a lovely and down-to-earth guy running an exceptionally friendly and professional team who will ensure you are watered and comfortable throughout your visit. A trip to this hip and happening salon is sure to leave you feeling pampered, not to mention looking great thanks to the talent of one of the country’s best in the business. And with rumours rife on Twitter that the Russell Gardens location may be set to become the ‘A-list street for make-overs,’ who knows, you may be able to get your nails, tan, facial and massage done all in the same place.

Jamie Stevens Salon Interior Chairs Image

Jamie Stevens Hair, 9 Russell Gardens, London, W14 8EZ
Tel: 020 7371 1944


Written by Ciara Heslam – 30/05/12