Diamonds for the Diamond Jubilee as Harrods displays the De Beers Talisman Crown

De Beers Talisman Crown craftsmanship at Harrods London for Diamond Jubilee

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee world-renowned diamond jewellers, De Beers have unveiled a sublime creation showcasing its diamond mastery and unique artistry. The De Beers Talisman crown marks the patriotic occasion with a far from subtle grand total of 974 diamonds. This impressive piece will be on display for a whole month at Harrods from 15th May- so if you want to see the sparkling spectacle up close, now is your chance.

Of all their diamonds, De Beers hand selected an innovative combination of 794 that are polished and 177 that are rough to truly bring the work of wonder to life. The rough diamonds typify the sacred tradition as these are exclusive to the crowns of Kings and Queens and are said to protect and bring good luck and prosperity. These sit alongside the stunningly beautiful 73-carat diamond centerpiece situated at the top of the crown.

Rich in symbolism, De Beers wanted the crown to celebrate fire, life and brilliance in a journey through time, specifically through the rich contrasts in the careful selection of diamonds. The spectrum of browns, ambers and oranges mix gracefully to juxtapose the texture of the hallmark and polished metal of the crown to create a truly spectacular and modern twist on the Talisman aesthetic.

Once the masterpiece has served its time at Harrods, it has been said that it will embark on a mobile existence, travelling around to world. However, I think it would make the perfect Jubilee gift for her majesty.

Written by Grace Williams