Apple iPad Cases | Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 10 Apple IPad Cases Christmas Gift Ideas

iPad cases make great Christmas presents. There are hundreds of styles, colours and even materials to choose from, which means finding one for the person you have in mind will be easy. Here at CDClifestyle, we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of the ten best designer iPad cases around. Prices range as much as the styles do, meaning there is also one to suit each bank account, too.

Givenchy iPad Case

1. Givenchy- £285

Givenchy’s quilted iPad case is a classic piece that will easily transfer into even the most elaborate of wardrobes. Its neutral colour looks great against muted tones but will also provide a great contrast to brighter hues. 100% leather finished with subtle Givenchy lettering.

Stella McCartney iPad Case

2. Stella McCartney- £235

Stella McCartney’s imitation leather iPad case is a miniature replica of the ‘Falabella’ It bag (seen on the shoulders of celebrities aplenty last season). As a vegan, McCartney never uses products derived from animals meaning there is an iPad case to suit all tastes and preferences. It’s bright colour will add a dash of sugary sweetness to your accessories collection this season.

Marc Jacobs iPad Case

3. Marc Jacobs- £285

Marc Jacobs’ monochromatic iPad case has two separate compartments, providing space for more than just an iPad. Its smaller zipped pocket can house cards, cash and keys, suggesting one should leave their handbag behind altogether. Perfect for the minimalist lady; this case is chic and practical.

Harrods iPad Case

4. Harrods- £99.95

Available in zesty orange, bubblegum pink or a simple nude shade, Harrods’ iPad will not fail to please. Bearing the Harrod’s name and featuring a folder over popper fastening, quality emanates from this crocodile-printed leather tech case. At just under £100, it will be money well spent and a gift worth giving.

Michael Kors iPad Case

5. Michael, Michael Kors- £95

Micheal Kors’ envelope-style tech case is the epitome of versatility. Its natural colour will sit beautifully against all colours and it can also be used a chic evening bag. The textured leather and gold plaque detailing add an expensive allure to the item, which makes this perfectly affordable gift idea even better. No one needs to know it was only £95!

Mulberry iPad Case

6. Mulberry- £295

You can always trust British herritage brand Mulberry to create an item that encapsulates a classic, timeless and understated aesthetic. This clean-lined, book-style case with leather tab to fasten will make a great gift for those who simply want the best, no flashy logos or shiny adornments.

Marc Jacobs iPad Case

7. Marc Jacobs- £470

This trendy holder is perfect for the fashion conscious woman. The gold chain functions as a handle but can also be discarded if preferred and the zipped top ensures security. Carrying the iconic ‘Marc Jacobs’ plaque means this is a case any fashionista will happily carry.

Harrods iPad Case

8. Harrods- £34.95

Want quality assurance that won’t break the bank? This Harrod’s brand case is simple, utilitarian, smart and sharp. Free of fuss and decoration, this option will be a lovely present for someone who likes to keep things uniform. With its kind-to-the-wallet price tag, this could even be your office secret Santa!

Diane Von Furstenberg

9. Diane von Furstenberg- £225

The quintessential woman’s brand Diane von Furstenberg offers this stylish and modern take on technology pouches. The daring splash of red brightens the accessory, which also boasts various pockets for papers, business cards, cash and more. The golden ‘DVF’ logo indicates the quality and extends the glamourous look initiated by that red splash. Conclusion: one truly sumptuous item.

Buy Capulet iPad Case

10. Capulet- £240

Understated, elegant and practical. In a chic envelope style, this stunning leather technology holder is finished with gold ‘Capulet’ lettering and also makes a perfect festive season clutch bag; a snap at £249, as you are practically buying one item and getting another free!

Written by Jodie Jones