Finite Solutions invite us in to their showhouse of 007 gadgets and big boys toys

Finite Solutions Show Home basement cinema

projector screen in Finite Solutions Show Home lounge

The Ultimate Chill out Home

We all dream of a world where the gadgets 007 uses are a reality. Where, on your way home from work you can prepare your house for your return after a hard day in the office.  Lights on, music set and movie ready in your state of the art home cinema. Well now we can all stop dreaming, because with the help of award-winning home technology specialists, Finite Solutions, you are able to create such a reality, with the exception of actually making you a secret agent.

With experience in creating some of the most beautiful homes across the UK, Finite Solutions has previously fitted premiership footballers homes and Saudi Princes with stunning technology to enhance the home with sound, lighting, CCTV and that all important home cinema room.

wall controls in kitchen of Finite Solutions Show Home

Living the Dream

Boasting the number one showhome in Britain which has been heralded as ‘Britain’s coolest home’, the Finite Solutions showhouse provides a haven of technology, demonstrating how clever technology can completely transform any home, whilst providing a place for the busy working man to escape to after a long day at the office.

With a home cinema, state of the art security system and the ability to control your whole house from your iPhone or iPad no matter where you are, Finite help create homes that even James Bond would be excited by, whilst making it all remarkably easy – technology does all the hard work at the simple touch of a button.

Huge Cinema screen in Finite Solutions Show Home

Escape from it All

The basement of the showhouse is where the true magic happens, offering an escape from it all in the stunning cinema room, making this house the ultimate bachelor pad. Offering the best in luxury and comfort, you don’t even have to move from your leather recliner to change the film, it’s all at your fingertips with a touch screen control panel and with surround sound and the best picture quality, you can have a cinematic experience without even leaving the house.

Want popcorn or a drink? Just simply help yourself with your own drinks fridge and snacks maker- they have literally thought of everything – attention to detail is the key.

Wall mounted TV and flat panel speakers in Finite Solutions Show Home ground floor lounge

It’s Your Choice

The real beauty of Finite’s creations are that they can be adapted to suit your personal style. The use of cool tech can be as obvious or subtle as you want it to be. The showhome itself is an old building, constructed in 1890 but the character is not lost. In the master bedroom the TV is hidden behind a painting and revealed at the touch of a button. Likewise, in the bathroom a mirror transforms into a TV, so the technology is never an eyesore or glaringly obvious. They do not just create places to show off state of the art technology, they create homes for all tastes. They are not just technicians but interior designers too, so their creations range from the almost futuristic look to the more traditional English country house design.

Two of the Finite directors live in the showhouse, enjoying the technology on tap and this also helps them see how living with it can help enhance day to day life – experience they then bring to their clients projects.

The Finite team can supply you with any make of product so you are not constrained by branding. They can design and install. It appears that no job is too big or extravagant and they can create a system that you never knew that you needed until they installed it. There’s  a whole new world to discover out there- and it will make you wonder how you ever coped without it.

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