How To Become Irresistible in Your Relationships by Dominic Knight

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<h4>Our relationships always begin with the pure potential of evolving into something wonderful, then end up complicated and sometimes very painful disasters. To ensure you create relationships that are lasting with friends or a significant other you must learn to communicate with others according to what their priorities are, the things that they find  most meaningful and important, by doing this you create a solid foundation for a great relationship, further to this you nurture an understanding for your friends or partner which becomes priceless. </h4>

Have you ever been in love with someone? If you have, then beyond the initial infatuation, you already know that relationships don’t make you happy all of the time. Instead, sometimes you think you are feeling happier, and sometimes you are not – the same as when you’re on your own. We have an incredible yearning for a relationship then once in there, at times a yearning to get out! Instead of wishing you had the perfect lover, spouse or friends and so on, learn to have gratitude for each of the people in your life today the roles they play and how they benefit you, and get to know what’s most important to them and honour them . Lasting relationships happen when each person seeks to understand and honour the other just as he or she is without trying to change them. Also learning to identify their perceived shortcomings in yourself and your own behaviour, by doing this you exercise yourself  to be more tolerant and humbled. People never change unless they choose to. If however you change how you are from within, you’ll very readily notice people will respond to you in ever pleasing ways.

Confidence is the currency of attraction and confidence is always a reflection of what you are thinking. If you have great expectations of how people perceive you and your level of self worth is high, people subconsciously pick up on that. If you love yourself, everyone will love you. If you carry yourself with happiness and make everyone you meet feel special you will exude charisma and attract more people into your life. Most people who try this  may say initially that it doesn’t feel right. “I just want to be myself” and eventually people will like me. The reality is this works only if you know exactly who you are, what your strengths are and how you convey them successfully. Most often this statement is used as an excuse not to improve. What most of us present to the world isn’t necessarily our true self: It’s a combination of years of bad habits and fear based behaviours. Our real self lies buried underneath all our insecurities and inhibitions. So rather then just be yourself, focus on discovering and bringing to the surface your best self. Let go of your stress, stress repels people, whilst happiness and health attracts: If you break it down your stress it’s simply a fear of what you don’t want to happen, happening.  It’s fear and the fear is almost never in the present moment it’s the fear of some future event going wrong or the fear that you may not be able to handle any more demands or pressures from the world. If  you are having a fantasy in your head about how your life should be instead of being grateful for how it is, you are splitting yourself in two . The fantasy appears to be more positive than the negative, and as a result you compare your reality to it. You then become sad and stressed whenever you perceive that your life doesn’t match the ideal in your mind. When you dissolve unhealthy fantasises, your stresses dissolves. From this space you can begin to plan how you want your life to be and take actions towards making that happen.  You should have no reason for excess worry so why do we worry so much? The answer resides in the fact that 95% of what you feel and experience is based on how you are communicating with yourself at any one time. So if you picture yourself unable to cope and talk to yourself negatively you will feel stressed. However if you change the way you represent things to yourself and recognise you have always found a way to pull through in the past, this will give you a greater sense of poise.

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Dissolve any fear:

  1. Positively visualise yourself accomplishing the most important tasks.
  2. If negative chatter formulates in your mind, turn your negative story around into the positive outcome you wish to have happen.
  3. Recognise in every difficulty there is always an opportunity, you can’t have a negative without a positive, bear in mind over a period of 37 years author and researcher Napoleon Hill discovered that people’s greatest breakthroughs came directly after what looked like their biggest failures “In ever seed of adversity there is an equal or even greater opportunity”
  4. Chunk down into small pieces what needs to be done in your life and begin doing it.

Become the very best you! if you are single work on yourself and look for a relationship that would truly fulfil you in every way, never settle for second best it’s not fair on you or the person that you are with. Ask yourself the question, “Who do I need to become to attract the type of person I want in my life?” now resolve to become that person. You will see it brings out the best in you. Love can only happen naturally and cannot be forced it is the expression of an energy between two people, but when it does, you just know that feeling of incredible bonding, when all barriers melt and drop away, and two people come together it’s an expression of aliveness that words can initiate but never fully capture. To orchestrate this requires that you are open to love so you can attract it, into your life. Bring out your most attractive qualities and also learn them. The more you love and appreciate yourself the more people will love you.  If you are already in a relationship and want to strengthen the bond of that relationship, do not neglect to do the things that initially attracted your partner to you. Find out your partners predominant strategy for falling in love by asking them “What has to happen in order for them to feel loved?” and work on fulfilling that. Do things not because of a role or duty but out of love, they will experience that very differently. Keep the emotional and physical intensity of the relationship high, describe with each other the physical sensations you felt when you first fell in love this will amplify the experience. Assist in opening the doors for each other in your dreams and aspirations, having a shared vision for the future will align both of you together. I once read it’s not about finding the perfect person it’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly!

  1. Who you are is based on the same old story you continue to tell yourself. Get over it and close the door tightly on your past!.
  2. Recognise and look at your best qualities you have instead and magic can happen.
  3. Stop over analysing yourself and begin to have a good time.
  4. Take calculated risks, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward.
  5. Learn from mistakes, this increases your self-esteem, If something happens that you don’t like, never blame yourself or others just say, “Something happened and I’ll figure it out.” This gives you back the power to handle life’s challenges.
  6. Everyone takes time to do their hair or make up before they go out, now is the time to prepare yourself emotionally before going out, step into your imagination and see the you that you want to be. People become what you think about most of the time so imagine how you truly want to be!

Written by Dominic Knight

Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist Dominic Knight is based in London’s Harley Street. Dominic’s outstanding work has been featured in the worlds Press from USA Today to The Times. Dominic helps hundreds of people from all around the world each year, to put their lives back on track or truly unlock their potential.  For more information about his life transforming methods download a FREE Chapter of Dominic’s book Pushing to The Front from his website