Eager to retain a youthful complexion? We uncover the anti-ageing products that promise beautiful results

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Is it not the dream of every woman to retain a youthful glow, or to perhaps look just a few years younger? Here at CDClifestyle, we have selected just a few of the treatments and products on the market in London today that promise to make your dreams come true, in the most refined and convenient ways possible, without a needle in sight.

The Pure Package

London’s premier gourmet food delivery service, renowned for its luxury service and delicious restaurant standard cuisine, is well loved by city professionals and celebrities alike. The Pure Package offers carefully tailored, fresh, hand-prepared meals and guilt-free snacks delivered silently and discretely to their client’s doors, beautifully presented in a temperature controlled bag and full menu by six in the morning. Choose from a range of different food programmes, such as Healthy Skin & Ageing, Weight Loss, Pre & Post Baby and Detox & Cleanse. The food is simply delicious, the convenience utterly desirable, and the surprise of opening your front door to a small package of food waiting to be discovered is ingenious. www.purepackage.com

Bright Eyes by Karidis

Imagined by renowned cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis and his non-surgical beauty clinic Karidis, Bright Eyes is the perfect treatment to have at this dreary time of year. Bright Eyes aims to reverse the ill effects of ageing and a hectic lifestyle by completely revitalising the eye area using a combination of Accent MedSpa and Red Light therapy, and is finished off with a subtle but glamorous corner set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Perfect for when tired eyes need a little pick-me-up, or you are simply feeling a little self-indulgent. www.karidis.co.uk

Space Anti Age NAC Y2 Facelift Day Cream by 111Skin

A super luxurious day cream containing 111Skin’s patented NACY2 formula, an antioxidant booster and Vitamin’s C,A.E,F and H. The ingredients work together to repair and protect the skin, increasing collagen production and tightening the skin to effectively erase fine lines and wrinkles. A silky texture provides long lasting moisture and an instantly dewy complexion, exactly what every woman craves from the perfect face cream. www.111skin.com


24k Gold Collagen Mask by Jamela Skin Care

Gold, beauty and power long gone together, and the team at Jamela Skin Care know this. Their 24k Gold Collagen Masks, for use on both the face and neck, use pure mineral gold infused with high-strength natural plant collagen and anti-oxidants including Vitamin E and rose essence to promote rapid collagen and elastin synthesis to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst firming and hydrating the skin for a lasting youthful glow. www.jamelaskincare.co.uk


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