Tusse at Milan Design Week 2011


TUSSE is an exceptional experience of art and design, with pieces that easily enchant and inspire contemplation, reinventing and creating ownership feelings through their original works. Inspired by Portuguese handicrafts, who passed legendary wisdom and their ways we awake a contemporary past that converges irreverence and tradition. The wisdom implemented by the artisans, creative design and modern finishes offer revisiting the past and a discovery of new ways of being, thinking and presents the art and design.

Rainbow: (see main image)

Captures the essential magic of light that its 78 painted glass craft projects transforming the places they inhabit. As a screen of Impressionism, Monet-style parades and vibrant colours combined with a sparkling elegance of Mondrian found that the simplicity of form orthogonal to perfection.


This piece exhibits the essence and Tusse. The transparency of color applied over the gold leaf and silver gives him three dimensionality, depth and an deep romantic character capturing and falling in love the viewer. With traces in deconstructionism, has an dynamic and organic nature, provided by the triangular shapes that characterize her. Gorgeous is surrounded by 4 feet on a purple tone, interlinked that define and structure. It is an bar covered in luxurious vibrant colours, bright, noble materials and delicate and sumptuous portrayed himself as a rare jewel searching across your visual performance an range of exceptional gems.


This is an irreverent piece that breaks with the more traditional canons emerged as a strength and majesty unusual impetus to capture the look for its majestic presence. Its golden light and visibility of herself holding a look for its Gothic-inspired contemplation of the Romantic period. Itʼs a great piece, luxuriously involved in gold foil and a metallized blue celestial, sublime and passionate touch.


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