CDCLifestyle round up of the top 10 Swiss Watchmakers in the World

Breitling Watch Image

If you even know the slightest thing about luxury timepieces, then you’ll be only too aware that the vast majority of the world’s high-end watches herald from the small, neutral country of Switzerland. It is amazing that so many of the planet’s most prized watchmaking brands originate in Switzerland and it is testament to the craft, skill and dedication of Swiss watchmakers that they remain amongst the most sought after on the market amongst aficionados of luxury men’s and ladies watches.

It goes without saying that with such a vast array of spectacular watchmakers in the world (and Switzerland in particular) narrowing our choice down to 10 has been a tricky one but the fantastic timepieces listed below have staked their claim through the immense quality they possess:

Breitling Watch Image


This breath taking Breitling Navitimer watch signifies everything that is great about this luxury Swiss watchmaker. Style, brawn and luxury rolled into one. Price – £7,300 Approx.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Image

Maurice Lacroix:

Maurice Lacroix are a relative newcomer to the luxury watch industry but they’re now firmly established as one of the leading Swiss watchmakers in the world – courtesy of timepieces such as the Jours Retrogrades Tonneau pictured. Price – £4,300 Approx.

Audemars Piguet Watch Image

Audemars Piguet:

Undoubtedly one of the most luxurious brands in our top –Audemars Piguet watches typically don’t come any cheaper than five figures and the Royal Oak Offshore Chrono pictured is no exception! Price – £18,500 Approx.

IWC Watch Image


IWC watches are incredibly distinctive and stylish and none more so than that of their Pilot collection – such as the timepiece pictured. A watch of unparalleled luxury. Price – £10,000 Approx.

Longines Watch Image


Longines have a rich and illustrious history in the world of high-end watchmaking and this is something that is reflected in all the spectacular watches that they produce. The Longines Heritage watch pictured is unquestionably one of the most elegant in their collection. Price – £800 Approx.

Hublot Watch Image


Hublot watches are amongst the most expensive in the world and their distinctive look and design certainly sets them apart from the crowd in the highly competitive world of Swiss watchmaking. The King Power watch pictured belongs to one of their most sought after collections. Price – £18,000 Approx.

TAG Heuer Watch Image

TAG Heuer:

TAG Heuer watches are a world famous luxury watch brand and they are famed for the quality and diversity of their collections. The Monaco timepiece pictured is perfect for adrenaline lovers who are after a vintage looking, high-profile timepiece! Price – £4,500 Approx.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Image

Jaeger LeCoultre:

If it’s the ultimate in sophisticated timepiece that you’re after, Jaeger LeCoultre is the ideal Swiss watchmaker for you – just take a look at their Master Reserve timepiece pictured and you’ll see why this is the case. Price – £6,500 Approx.

Baume & Mercier Watch Image

Baume & Mercier:

One of the most traditional and well-respected Swiss watchmakers in the world – Baume & Mercier have crafted some of the most eye-catching and sought after timepieces and the Capeland watch pictured is one of the cornerstones of their watchmaking endeavours. Price – £3,000 Approx.

Zenith Watch Image


Zenith watches are very appropriately named as there are few watchmakers that come close to offering the sort of impeccable timepieces that this Swiss brand routinely produces. Their Heritage collection (such as the pictured watch) positively oozes style and class. Price – £9,000 Approx.


So, there you have it – if you had a hankering for Swiss watches, hopefully you’ve found something that fits the bill in this list of top 10 Swiss watch brands. There are so many fantastic luxury watches to choose from and it goes without saying that there were some notable absentees from our list but if it’s immense Swiss luxury that you’re after, you will find something that fits the bit within the 10 brands listed above. All watch images used courtesy of

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