Style for Mom and Comfort for Baby: The New Baby Bach Cocoon

Su Bach Baby Bach Cocoon new-born luxury baby wear

Answering the Christmas and New Year gift prayers of ‘yummy mummies’ who want to remain chic, the Su Bach London, luxury new-born babywear company, launches its Baby Bach Cocoon product that keeps babies snug and moms stylish. Set to be this year’s novelty “it-gift” and perfect Christmas present, this divine Baby Bach Cocoon adds to the mom’s fashion accessories, showing that it can still be about her even after having a baby!

A distinctive, signature design that is compact, secure and easy to handle, the Baby Bach Cocoon comprises the finest quality, luxury fabrics and reflects the highest levels of craftsmanship. Easily un-foldable into a changing mat, the cocoon is lined with GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen sheet. It is cushioned with padding, allowing extra security for the delicate new-born baby. The product also comes with an additional, detachable base lining for everyday washing needs. It has a Velcro closure device, which is positioned for flexible size adjustment. To accommodate pram-use, the outer base is lined with a small strap. The bottom of each cocoon is zipped for security and, mindful of sensitive new-born skin, the zip puller is nickel-free. Each cocoon is finished with Su Bach’s signature touch – the “SB” embroidered logo on the bow.

Su Bach Baby Bach Cocoon luxury vabywear WHITE BLANKET

For those who want a truly individual touch, Su Bach offers handcrafted, made-to-order designs of the new Baby Bach Cocoon. The client can choose from a diverse selection of fabrics, accessories and colours and can personalise the cocoon with monogramming.

Su Bach, company owner and creative director, comments: “The Su Bach Baby Cocoon is a perfect gift that family and friends can buy to show they recognise the individuality and personal style of the expectant mum. It is the ultimate fashion item for the mum, while also providing the best materials and comfort for the baby.”

Su Bach Baby Bach Cocoon new-born luxury baby wear collectionThe Baby Bach Cocoon comes in one-size of
59cm x 37cm.

Made-to-order cocoons can be sized flexibly.

The price of the Baby Bach Cocoon ranges from
£220 to £290.

Bespoke items start at £330.

Su Bach’s products are made in the UK and materials sourced from England, Italy, and France.

*Online launching date: 12 December 2011* –

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