Race to success and keep running!

Start your race to success today and keep running!

The more successful you get the faster you learn to run, but winning races and achieving peak physical performance does not happen over night. It can involve hours in the gym, and repeatedly pushing your muscles beyond their comfort zone, but much like wealth creation, once you have jumped the first huddles then, you will soon find yourself pole-vaulting into new realms of success.

First you start off with small weights, (tens, hundreds of £’s), then after a few months the weights get heavier as you can lift more, jump higher and run faster(hundreds of thousands of £’s). Now that you are becoming fit and healthier, your mind is ready to go. If you are just going to remain sitting on the start line, or worse still, not even competing, then you are choosing to fail. Spectating is essentially little more than watching others succeed, becoming faster and wealthier by the day. The longer you remain on the sidelines, the less your chances of succeeding become. We are all humans and similarly made of the same basic ingredients, the only real difference between spectators and champions is the mental drive and desire to be successful. They have practiced more and put their bodies and minds out of their comfort zones in order by push that extra mile and in doing so, demolishing the opposition.

“What are you waiting for? Get out of the stand and get onto the track!”.

Why remain living your life in envy of others, complaining that you cannot find a job or get the promotion you want? Life was never supposed to be served on a plate; true success is little more than a positively channelled mindset and the unwavering strength and pivotal ability to make things happen.

So start your race to success today, perhaps also try team events and race to success with your friends, family and business associates.

By: R. Reed

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