Eagle’s Jaguar E-Type Speedster


It started as a request from Dr Rick Velaj from Connecticut
“I want something a bit special”

Conversations started between him and Paul Brace from Eagle, and the word Speedster’ was mentioned and everything changed. Paul got out his pencil and sketched a shape. Rick loved it, and that was the start of Eagle Speedster No.1.

Eagle Speedster Jaguar E-Type replica front

Over the next months, in tandem with running the main Eagle business, Paul worked to design and perfect the details of this truly unique and extraordinary E-Type. Between Henry Pearman, the owner of Eagle, and Rick it was decided that there would be no time or budget considerations and this would be a unique chance to create an extraordinary motor car. Faithful to the Jaguar E-Type of the 1960s with classic detail and finishing, it was fitted with the finest Eagle E-Type engineering including the Eagle 4.7 litre engine, the 5-speed gearbox and the optimised suspension. This car was to be all about performance as well as looks. Every detail was painstakingly designed and customised, from the unique shape of the all-aluminium body, adapted from an original body by RS Panels, right through to the colour of the Edelman hide.

“With even the windshield glass being custom made, this has been a true labour of love.”

For more details visit www.jaguarspeedster.com

By Sam Bryan-Merrett