Ferrari gets a hole in one with the new Ferrari Golf Collection

Ferrari Golf Collection

Golf lovers, prepare to blown away, as Cobra Puma Golf is bringing consumers a premium new golf line. The Ferrari Golf Collection, engineered by Cobra Puma Golf, is a complete brand offering luxury golfing equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories. 

Bringing a new type of product to the industry that is both beautiful and technically advanced merging both art and science, the collaboration boasts the most innovative technologies from the Cobra Puma Golf engineers and Ferrari aerodynamic engineers, together with premium materials and unquestionable style. President of Cobra Puma Golf, Bob Philion comments on the brand, “We saw an opportunity in the current marketplace to bring the Ferrari Golf Collection to life. It’s a high end collection the golf industry has never seen before; bringing together the best of Cobra Puma Golf enriched with the expertise of Ferrari in a superior product offering of equipment, apparel, accessories and footwear.”

The result of this genius collaboration? A stunning premium, aerodynamic and multi-material design that is guaranteed to change your game thanks to new design features such as shape changes to the driver, intended to reduce drag coefficient, making the club swing easily through the air and resulting in more club head speed.

“The Ferrari Golf Collection Driver is a work of art,” says Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development at Cobra Puma Golf, of the brand’s new driver. “We worked with Ferrari engineers to create a fully impressive driver that reduces drag and delivers fast club head speed. This results in maximised distance in a beautiful driver”.

Ferrari Golf CollectionOnly adding to the allure of this exquisite collection is the hand-stitched leather grip the driver features, a headcover made from genuine Ferrari leather and a premium Fujikura® Motore Speeder Shaft. And it all comes beautifully packaged in a luxurious Ferrari Golf Collection Driver display box. All this attention to detail has not been limited to the driver, however. The brand’s accessory range features premium visors, belts, gloves, umbrellas and bags, all impeccably combining function and fashion. The same leather used in the Ferrari GT is used to craft a selection of other accessories such as the Ferrari Golf Collection Bag and Duffel. This season, the brand’s apparel features polos, knits, jackets and trousers, all designed to keep you comfortable and stylish in any weather. The Ferrari Golf Leather Shoe is handcrafted in Italy with genuine, full grain leather upper and sole, and provides superior function, stability and support while on the course.

The Ferrari Golf Collection can be found in select golf retailers, select Ferrari stores and select high end retailers.

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