We find out about the natural botanicals and essential oils that make up Tara Walker’s Dream skincare

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Having left Canada for the Philippines at age 34 to start an embroidered linen company, over a period of 25 years Tara built it up into one of the largest luxury linen companies in the area, supplying her fine linens to luxury boutique from Paris to 5th Avenue in New York. While living in Asia, Tara spent a great deal of time in exotic locations where she soon developed an interest in the healing and beauty properties of indigenous botanicals. This passion soon saw her dedicating a great deal of time to reading-up about essential oils and blending them with absolutes for specific problems such as acne, jet lag and flu, which she regularly did to help workers in her factory.

Retiring from the linen business, in 2000, Tara moved to the Cayman Islands where she dedicated all her time to researching and developing Rejuvenating Dream Serum +100 concentrate that later became the base for her Tara Walker’s Dream skincare range.

Based on a unwavering devotion to using only the finest quality ingredients, Tara Walker’s Dream range is derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and stems of plants as well as plankton, brown algae, microalgae, seaside plants and seaweeds. Combined with the 109 antioxidant-rich active botanicals, essential oils and absolutes that make up the Rejuvenating Dream Serum +100 concentrate, at the root of each product, Tara Walker’s Dream delivers softer, firmer, more luminous skin while diminishing signs of aging, redness, dryness and acne. The entire skincare range of gentle yet potent products also helps soothe skin that has been traumatised by sun exposure, environmental stress and laser treatments

Rejuvenating Dream SerumHaving had the privilege to sample the full product line throughout last month, I can certainly verify their magic, as my skin already feels softer yet at the same time firmer and glowing with radience. In fact I find myself regularly checking the results whilst looking in the mirror without make up, and marvelling at the changes. These are without doubt some of the best creams I have ever found and my pores have pretty much completely vanished.

“I would have to say that my favourite has got to be the ‘Rejuvenating Dream serum,’ which is a powerhouse of a serum. This little bottle in my opinion is the Rolls Royce product of this line in the battle against lines and wrinkles.”

For dry and sensitive skin like mine, the Radiance Enhancing cream is also a defiant standout, which is an amazing for nourishing skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts. If your skin is becoming wrinkled and have tried everything you can think of, then take heart, give Tara Walker’s Dream a go and you will certainly not be disappointed.

Tara Walkers Dream can be purchased in beautifully presented limited edition ‘Dream Deluxe’ tin, including the entire range of luxury skincare cream for £299, or as individuals starting from just £39. Visit www.tarawalkersdream.com

Written by Atoosa Zand – 14/7/12

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