We go in search of timeless design and quality with Adrian Aldred, the founder of Convopiece

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Watches are worn for more reasons than to simply remind us of what time of day it is. They are what you want them to be – a symbol of your personal style and your personality and a representation of the heritage of the brand they were born from. Now look down at your wrist – what do you know about the brand of watch you’re wearing? What similarities can you draw between your watch characteristics and your personality? What does your watch say about you?

From an early age, the founder of Convopiece, Adrian Aldred had an affinity for fine watches combining timeless design and quality. However his real interest in horology stemmed from his realisation that the market for watch buying was becoming distorted. His belief being that the British high streets and endless magazine advertisements were populated by the same brands that we have all become familiar with and people were becoming trapped in their conventional economic brackets that led to them to choosing a watch symbolising the stage of life they were at or the point in their career they had reached. The result; many watches are now being bought for the sake of kudos and not for the love of the watch.

Convopiece Adrian AldredAdrian believes in wearing watches that represent far more than this – that are not worn purely for the fact that people will know immediately how much they’re worth from the brand name which is engraved on them. In fact, Convopiece denote the exact opposite – it is instead about veering away from the mainstream and presenting the best selection from the vast number of products available, creating unique alternatives to those familiar brands. Although he admires and the appreciates the works of the mainstream luxury brands, the idea is simply to showcase an alternative. Consequently, less well-known brands are given a new platform to introduce themselves in the market. Adrian takes regular trips to Switzerland, Germany and wherever necessary looking for watches with unique character, a sleek look and a brand with a strong ethos. He aims to discover a host of one-off timepieces that showcase a “mecca for all things unique”. From the first ever fully transparent watch, a watch that has been struck by lightning or a vintage skeleton pocket watch, these timepieces are meant to attract attention. A true conversation piece does exactly what it says; it sparks interest and provokes discussion.

Convopiece offers a tailored appointment service, which brings a luxury appointment service to your home, place of work or mutually suitable location, adding to the bespoke nature of the company. With all this comes Adrian’s infamous seventy-year-old customised box that adds to the truly all-inclusive experience. This level of personal service is something that cannot be beaten. By blending ultimate convenience with absolute luxury, Convopiece seeks to transform the shopping experience into an exceptionally unique package for each individual.

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Convopiece doesn’t stop at watches either, already offering a selection of unique accessories from intricate cufflinks to ornate pens with future possibilities of extending to luxury leather goods. So, if you are looking for a new accessory which feels like it was made with you in mind, accompanied by a bespoke, all-encompassing shopping experience, Convopiece is on hand to help. With the ethos of the brand “not to have a million clients but to have the right clients,” you are sure to feel valued and listened to during your experience and walk away with a stunning gift for yourself to treasure for years to come.

Written by Grace Williams

Website: www.convopiece.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/convowatches