Top 10 Games for Christmas 2012

Other than the obligatory hearty Christmas dinner washed down with enough alcohol to drown all the relatives, since my childhood I have always remembered Christmas by the games. Whether it meant losing against my Grandmother over a Scrabble board or getting too greedy expanding my property portfolio in Monopoly, games always had an active way of bringing all the family together. With this in mind I have created a round up of my Top 10 Games for Christmas; here you will most certainly find something to bring even the extended family together.

Rich heritage grandeur meets contemporary prestige at meticulously restored Corinthia Hotel London

From the ornate splendour of its golden sandstone exterior, to the arresting views across the Thames from the roof terrace of the Royal Penthouse; Corinthia have not only succeeded in returning this once iconic building to its former glory, but in surpassing it, crafting a Grand Hotel truly fit for the 21st Century.

First UK review of new Subaru WRX STi 340R

As the unmistakable sound of the highly tuned four-cylinder boxer engine roars to life with its addictive exhaust note that resonates with the prowess of over a decade of rally success, I find myself with a childish grin firmly planted across my face in recollection of exactly what the WRX STi is all about

Top 10 in-ear headphones for the jet-set music enthusiast

Let’s face it, we all have an iPod/iPhone or equivalent device, and most of us will have had a free pair of in-ear headphones bundled-in.  Now as all fellow idevice users and no doubt other brands (not wishing to single Apple out), will testify to, there will come a time when you need to replace them.

SUDA Thai | providing a modern contemporary twist on Thai cuisine

A welcome addition to the trendy new St Martin’s Courtyard development, SUDA Thai serves up cuisine that is as contemporary as the development itself. Set over two floors with the added addition of alfresco space, this restaurant is as stylish as they come, with the floor-to-ceiling glass front creating a particularly bright modern dining space. The stark contrast between the dark feature walls and light flooring is further opened up by the high ceilings with exposed structural steels and an industrious looking ventilation system that runs along it. Low hanging lights over the individual tables provide just enough intimacy for couples seeking a more secluded dining experience whilst a scattering of plants break the otherwise entirely open-plan space and keep the Feng Shui conscience at ease.

Assaggetti – ‘Not all Italian restaurants are just Pasta or Pizza’

Located just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, Assaggetti is right in the heart of the West End’s Theatre circuit and directly opposite the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Whilst I do not want to pigeon-hole it as Theatre going restaurant, it certainly does lend itself well to being the perfect pre-Theatre destination for nibbles and nourishment.

The eternal pursuit of perfection in the art that is Japanese Whisky

When it comes to supercars there is no shadow of a doubt that this is an area where the Italians reign supreme, however, conversely when it comes to whisky, especially that of single or blended malts, this is evidently a territory where the Scots bestow the honours. Well, at least the latter had been my conception until recently savouring the delights of Japanese whisky, namely the Suntory brand.