Men’s Luxury Christmas Gift Guide


With Christmas now a mere month away, most men will be turning their attention to the gifts that they want to be seeing under their tree come December 25th. It’s definitely a bumper month for men as there are some excellent gadgets, clothing and other bits of gear on the market right now and we here at CDC Lifestyle are going to guide you through some of our top picks for luxury gifts for men this Christmas.

No sense in delaying things, let’s get started:

Tonino Lamborghini Antares Luxury Smartphone


It’s fair to say that most of us have got a smartphone nowadays but very few of us have one quite as luxurious as the jaw-dropping Tonino Lamborghini Antares Smartphone above which, as you might expect from such a high-end and luxury synonymous smartphone, doesn’t come cheap. Costing in excess of £3,000, you’ll definitely have to be extremely good over the next month if you expect to find one of these exceptional phones under your tree come December 25th. Boasting fine Italian craftsmanship and running on Android technology, you’ll definitely not find your Lamborghini smartphone lacking from a technological point of view. Only likely to be available in Russia and China in time for Christmas though, so you may need to wait until early next year to get your hands on one in the UK.

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Budd Shirts Nightwear:


Budd are a London tailor famed for the luxurious nature of their wares and this is certainly something that can be applied to their sumptuous array of nightwear which includes silk dressing gowns and wonderfully crafted pyjamas. For those looking to do a lot of lazing around this festive period, there will be few better gifts to be on the receiving end of than a pair of these devilishly dapper pyjamas from Budd Shirtmakers, who operate out of Piccadilly Arcade in the West of the City.

Price: £165+

Available: Budd Luxury Gifts.

Wall of Sound 2.0:


For lovers of music this Christmas, then there truly is no better gift than this, frankly, ridiculously large but undeniably awesome Wall of Sound 2.0 will be an essential purchase. As you can see from the image above, it’s by no means a shrinking violet and you’ll need a big room to accommodate the behemoth, you’ll be rewarded for your purchase with what the makers describe as possibly the most powerful single speaker available on the market today. Over a metre in height and just under two metres in length, it will immediately draw the eye but it is your ears that will be in for a treat should you be on the receiving end of one of these Wall of Sound speakers this Christmas. Good luck getting this under the tree though!

Price: £5,000 Approx

Available: Wall of Sound.

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