Recycling Tips for Busy Londoners


The importance of recycling isn’t difficult to gauge – the future of the planet essentially depends upon it – but it isn’t quite as easy to facilitate for busy Londoners who have hectic lifestyles and a lack of time to ensure their recycling endeavours are up to scratch. This excuse won’t fly any longer, however, because the importance of recycling is paramount and we all must play our parts in ensuring that we are doing enough to help the planet.

But this leads us to the question as to how to make sure we find the time to recycle amidst a life filled with activity. Recycling at home seems daunting to many when we have become so accustomed to just tossing everything away as soon as we’re done with it. Well, these top tips should help to guarantee that you’re doing enough in your recycling undertaking:

  • Simplicity is the Key – When it comes to recycling, it is all about keeping things simple. Most people with busy lifestyles will make the excuse that they simply “don’t have time” to recycle but, in actuality, by keeping things simple, you make sure that you are playing your part. It terms of keeping it simple, it can be as straightforward as simply making space next to your normal bin for a recycling bin then it will be right there when you’re throwing rubbish away and you can recycle easily.
  • See What Your Council Offers – The council in your area may well offer various recycling incentives and schemes that will make your recycling easier. An example of this are the kerbside collections offered by various councils across the UK and you should capitalise on any services that they offer to make your recycling simpler.
  • Read your Labels – As much of 60% of items put in household bins could actually have been recycled. It only takes a second to read labels and gauge whether it is suitable for recycling. By taking a few extra minutes a week to check whether something is recyclable, it can help the environment exponentially.
  • Buy the Right Bins – Needless to say, when recycling, you need to make sure that you use the right recycling bins and wheelie bins for the job at hand. You’ll be able to find all the different types and colours of recycling bins online and different sized wheelie bins are also available too.

Without paying more attention to waste and recycling, regardless of how busy a life we have, it will be our environment that pays the price and by making a few, small lifestyle changes we can all play our part in producing a greener future.


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