The importance of a healthy Zinc balance

Wake up to…. Zinc!?! Let me explain why….

You need to sustain your energy and excitement to create and make a better world. To sustain growth and expansion your head needs to be switched on. No peaks and troughs, no lulls in energy, no mood swings, no cravings for sugar or alcohol. Sustaining your energy maintains peak state and is vital for achieving success.

Positive state is derived from proper nutrition. Vitamins and Minerals are stored in your organs and bones. If you are nutrient deficient your body depletes your vital organs first. Philanthropists and entrepreneurs need powerful methods to sustain their creative though processes. The basis of a healthy body is adequate Zinc levels and maintaining a Zinc/Copper balance. We get an overload of copper from copper water pipes, so we need to increase zinc intake to equalise it. Like everything in life, you need to be balanced. Getting your zinc levels up heightens your immune system and speeds up energy absorption. It controls testosterone and oestrogen levels, controls sugar and alcohol cravings, makes you leaner, assists concentration and maintains dopamine levels in the brain. It further supports brain function, increases sex drive, semen production and adds to an altogether a better sex life!

Having the correct levels of zinc ensures your health systems are working properly, making you feel more alive and excited to get up each day! Glucose is the one and only energy source that the body can use. Fat, sugar and protein have to be changed into glucose before the body can use them. Of all the glucose in the body your brain uses 50% of everything! Sugars are broken down into glucose though insulin, so with too much insulin, the sugar gets depleted before being changed, therefore with too little insulin the sugar runs wild [think crazy kids eating Smarties].

Zinc is fundamental in the transportation and equal dispersion of insulin. Zinc binds onto insulin and helps it slide around the body more effectively and more consistently. A consistent flow of insulin maintains a constant level of glucose which delivers health and vitality to your body from the moment you wake! [Get it now!] Everything you intake either benefits your body or draws from it. All nutrients absorb more readily if Zinc is predominant. The only ‘food’ that does not need Zinc present in order to produce energy is ALCOHOL!

“Have you ever craved a beer, ever felt more energy after your first few? [not your fifteenth!] Alcoholics need to replenish energy with alcohol.”

Testosterone and Oestrogen levels are maintained, [men and women alike]. For men, a high Zinc supplement raises testosterone levels. Do you wake up and wonder why you’re not standing to attention like you did when you were 18? Start taking zinc and you will soon wake up with a welcome greeting for your partner! Increased Testosterone really helps in the gym too, making you leaner, fitter and more ripped. Zinc and increased testosterone aids the reduction of fatty deposits on your body in certain places. Loose skin and fatty deposits on the backs of your arms and legs are synonymous with high oestrogen levels. Many personal trainers say that you can’t spot reduce fats…. you can’t with exercise alone. Getting sufficient nutrients affect different parts of your body. To get ripped, get zinc!

Fundamentally, Zinc doesn’t do this alone. There are a multitude of vitamins and minerals that compliment Zinc. Magnesium is extremely important with Vitamins B3 and B6. Zinc is a catalyst. The higher levels of zinc in your body, the more readily you absorb other nutrients. Every other nutrient supports Zinc in different ways and it is very interesting. The more you investigate the more interesting it gets! You can spend a fortune on nutrients, but without Zinc they are practically useless.

This information is drawn from my personal experience and research, you should always consult a doctor before entering a nutritional supplement cycle and should never exceed a 100 mg. dose per day.

The Zinc test – ‘Zinc Tally’

You must not eat, drink, or smoke less than one hour before the test. Then take the equivalent of a tumbler glass of the fluid and rinse your mouth with the fluid for 5-10 seconds, after which you can either swallow or spit it out.

Four different flavours now appear:

      1- If it tastes like water you are typically zinc deficient.
      2- No flavour to start, then a fluffy or metallic sensation, if sweetens you have a zinc deficiency
      3- Strong but not necessarily unpleasant flavour, builds up little by little? = No zinc deficiency.
      4- An unpleasant taste of copper coins in your mouth and signifies a good zinc balance.

“Every few weeks you should repeat the test after taking your supplement. If after a month you still taste water or its sweet you should consult medical attention. Zinc allows for deeper and more restorative sleep. The secret to waking up is with a positive outlook is to have positive rest.”

By R.S. Reed

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