Manà Island: A Luxury Private Gem on the Coast of Brazil on Sale for 4 Million Dollars

Manà Luxury Private Island

Why limit yourself to a luxury home, when you can purchase an entire island with a luxury home included?

This luxury private island on the coast of Brazil is the essence of paradise. The island is reachable by helicopter, boasting immaculate private beaches, crystal clear water, and breathtaking views.

Maná Luxury Private Island

Manà island, not to be confused with the namesake on the coast of New Zealand, is situated in the archipelago of the luxurious Angra Dos Reis, and it is on the market for 9 million R$ (a little over 4 million dollars).

The small island is visible from Bracuhy Port, a 3 hour car drive from Rio, however, for privacy reasons and a touch of 007 class, it is only accessible by either boat or helicopter. In line with the luxury of total privacy and tranquility , the only buildings on the island are four petit single bungalows, each with an elegant ensuite bedroom, along with the main building.Maná Luxury Private Island

Due to the fact that the island is part of an ample archipelago in the Angra bay, the area is protected by the currents from the open ocean. The 62,500sqm island is surrounded by warm emerald-green waters, boasting a rich lush vegetation, with many exotic species of wild fauna.

Maná Luxury Private Island

The properties on the island are distinctly positioned, of which include the main villa, four bungalows, and the personnel quarters.  The  latter consists of the keepers home, occupying 120sqm of space, a garage for the boats and solar panels, used to generate electricity for the island. The island is in fact 100% auto sufficient, providing its own water and electrical energy.Maná Luxury Private Island

The main property  is composed of a living room, two bedrooms, a dining room, and a wonderful kitchen surrounded by a wooden terrace.  Each bungalow is a little summer house combined with incredible sea views. The bungalows share a communal space with a bar and chill-out area of 347sqm, along with a boardwalk perfect for diving into the inviting sea.

Maná Luxury Private Island

There is also a spacious sheltered outdoor dining area with a barbecue, immersed in a picturesque space with palm trees and sunbeds for soaking up the sun. A pathway directs you toward an extraordinary swimming pool with natural freshwater, which has been carved into the stone along the sea shore.

Maná Luxury Private Island

The true beauty of the island is of course found within its natural treasures, from the natural springs to the glittering sea and the majestic palm trees. Nature reveals its natural splendor on Manà island, where the fortunate residents can explore the enticing surrounding areas using the boat which is included in the asking price.