Visit the Mesmerizing Nautilus House in Mexico

Nautilius House in Mexico

Nautilus is the name of a rather particular shellfish which appears in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific.  At a first glance it seems no different than your average seashell, but this shell disguises one of the seas rarest and most fascinating creatures. This enchanting creature is what has inspired this one of a kind property design, which will no doubt make history for its unparalleled composition.


In 2006 Mexican architect Javier Senosiain designed this extraordinary structure, which imitates the form of this alluring shell. Thus the name “Nautilus House”, located in Naucalpan, a populous community not far from the city of Mexico.


From the very moment of surpassing the wrought iron gate of the property, you are consumed within a corridor saturated with a fusion of bouncing colored light, reflected and absorbed by means of the copious multicolored glass panels. An underwater seaside theme dominates the structure in all of its beauty and many forms. The villa is anything but traditional, with little to no resemblance of a peripheral apartment.


An inviting pathway leads to the dining room, amidst intriguing plants and shrubs. Immersed in this distinguished sub-aquatic theme, the striking dining room is graced with a rather unusual table which acts as an extension of the wall, matched with ivory stone stools.

Nautilius House in Mexico

The same can be said for the living room, where the distinct style of the home continues to flourish without a trace of your typical armchairs and sofas. A circular statement stone form covered with padded cushions replaces the predictable furniture expected to be found in this space. This inspiring flux evolves further in the luxury master bathroom, where striking unusual lines and curves take form in the sink, which almost renders the essence of an underwater grotto.


Each room features a statement piece that together echo a wonderful harmony throughout the entire luxury Mexican property, true to the luxury villa’s name.