Meet the Designers: Kevin Self and Jamie Hale on bespoke Perspex furniture

Zone Creations bespoke Perspex furniture

British designers Kevin Self and Jamie Hale, are best known for their passionate belief for design and high levels of craftsmanship of bespoke Perspex furniture. With a desire to show their craft in a material where there’s no hiding place, they co-founded Zone Creations. Featuring two distinct signature styles that reference the traditions of the Shaker and William and Mary periods, they immaculately craft exceptional pieces of furniture to demonstrate the possibilities of the material beautifully.

Kevin Self says:
‘It’s the highest quality acrylic available and it is important for us to move the perception of acrylic furniture away from simple heat-bend nests of tables available from mainstream retailers. The water clear nature of the material provides strong visual impact without detracting from its situation in the home.’

Zone Creations bespoke Perspex furniture mirror

Zone Creations bespoke Perspex furniture grandfather clockToday, the duo’s client base includes Buckingham Palace and they have been granted the Royal Warrant for ‘Manufacturers of Bespoke Acrylic Furniture’ By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, this year. As highly skilled craftsmen of acrylic, Zone Creations are proud to have completed numerous pieces for Buckingham Palace for several years and the awarded Royal Warrant, marks their supply of goods and services to Her Majesty The Queen. They have also worked with Robin Cruikshank’s company ROR where items range from a full dining table and chairs with internal illumination through to the Kobal Collection of furniture that incorporates images of Hollywood icons. They also take on bespoke commissions for private individuals.

They have recently completed and unveiled an exquisitely crafted limited edition (1 of 60) Master Regulator Clock in a solid Perspex® casing recently presented to HM The Queen to celebrate receiving a Royal Warrant and to celebrate HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The casing for the Master Regulator Clock displays immaculate detail in craftsmanship made from pure Perspex® with a Greenwich Gold plated clock mechanism inside. The impeccable centrepiece is crafted in the highest quality acrylic available and features incredibly well manufactured components to create a stunning piece on completion. Partnering with Comitti of London, makers of the very finest quality English clocks and barometers since 1850, the Greenwich clock movement is a superb example of exquisite craftsmanship, precision and innovation. Whilst they draw upon inspiration from the past including Art Deco, Regency, Georgian, William & Mary and Shaker designs, they are aiming to create new and classic designs for the future. Having spent over 200 hours to complete a single piece of bespoke furniture, the passionate craftsmen at Zone Creations thrive on the opportunity to be able to spend the necessary hours making each piece beautiful.
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