For those with a sweet tooth, Oglivy’s present honey of distinction

OGILVYS honey jars

Ogilvys honeyHoney trader, and trained chef Shamus Ogilvy is a man with a mission, and that mission is to give a touch of luxury to the way we eat honey in much the same way as coffee and chocolate pioneers have elevated the quality and choice of their fare.

It’s been a personal story of dedication and endeavour: he risked his last £600, travelled the globe, and experienced many discomforts in his quest to bring rare and wildcrafted honeys to these shores.

“I’ve chosen our single-origin honeys to introduce terrific quality from countries outside the UK,” explains Shamus. “I don’t blend my honey – I leave that to bees.”

Ogilvy’s Honey offers single flower nectar (monofloral) varieties as well as polyflorals where the bees visit different flowering plants in one local area. These give the honeys distinctive characteristics and flavour intensities ranging from mild to strong, dark or pale, clear or opaque.

The jar labels read like those on good bottles of wine giving details of the individual flavour notes of each honey, their provenance and geographical origin. The varieties include three from New Zealand including a dark honey to rival Manuka in flavour, black locust flower and linden blossom from the Balkans, forest honey from the Himalayas, and wildcrafted tropical blossom honey from the Zambezi River. Proving their worth on your plate, six of the seven honeys have won Great Taste Awards.

Ogilvy’s Honey is available from Ocado, Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Fortnum & Mason, branches of Partridges, The Organic Grocer, Shepherd Foods, from independent grocers and delicatessens nationwide priced from £5.95 for a 280g jar.


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