Boutique of the Week – Find the perfect Father’s Day gift at XOOS shirt boutique on the King’s Road

Boutique of the Week XOOS shirt boutique kings road chelsea exterior image

At Chelsea’s epicenter there sits a shop who’s name means ‘to shine’ in the Gawwada language. Fifteen years of great success and sterling reputation in the world’s most fashionable city of Paris, persuaded XOOS owners and keen customer’s alike that London would also benefit from the boutique’s unique bright, bold and brilliant shirts. And so it was, exactly one year ago that the light was switched on inside 315 Kings Road – and its been shining brightly ever since.

Reviews have proved that the designs have been ‘loved’ in translation. described “Fabulous and well made shirts at a good price. The color combinations and detailing is inspired”. Timeout also declared that “Button-downs can feel like the least-inspired element of a wardrobe, but that doesn’t have to be the case now that XOOS is in town.”

Boutique of the Week XOOS shirt boutique kings road chelsea exterior image

The King’s Road has a reputation for being one of London’s most fashionable shopping streets and is associated with 1960s style, and fashion figures such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood – two women known for revolutionizing fashion with pioneering avant garde ideas. Knowing this, it seems fitting that XOOS is situated here.

XOOS was established in 1997 in “Le Marais” district in Paris. Created by a duo of French designers driven by a passion for shirts and inspired to create a brand name that would meet the highest expectations of women and men who like to stand out and wear unique pieces.

In March 2011, XOOS opened its first shop in the UK. Truthful to the original concept – the Chelsea boutique offers exclusive, limited edition collections of corporate and casual shirts made from 100% cotton for both men and women featuring unique designs, sharply tailored sleeves and collars and subtle fashion statements. Director Laurence Lasalle, explains that ‘the square buttons’ are one feature that can be found on each individual shirt.

Boutique of the Week XOOS shirt boutique kings road chelsea shirt image

But it’s not just the designs that make XOOS unique. It’s their rapid turnover and limited edition collection, which is produced every week in store and online making it more than ten times as often as other shirt makers and guaranteeing the wearer exclusive, one of a kind ownership.

With Father’s day just one week away, a shirt from XOOS is the perfect present for a man who appears to have everything but has never seen the light of XOOS. From the business corporate style to the latest Dandy fashion trends, everyone can shine in a shirt from XOOS.

XOOS have now stores in Montréal (Canada), New York City (U.S.A) and London (United Kingdom, 315 Kings Road).


Written by: Poppy Cross – 10/6/12

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